Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sad Day

Ugh, you guys.

I broke my sewing machine.

I was sewing the Sherbet Pips Ice Cream dress last night, and suddenly the bobbin case got all tangled up.  I did what I normally do and I cut the thread, pulled the scraps and the bobbin out, and rethreaded it.  But I'm guessing there's some thread stuck in there somewhere, because the hand wheel is really resistant and rethreading it just makes it go haywire.

I can't get the needle plate off because my screwdriver won't fit in there.  I'm going to work on it more tonight, but still, ugh.  Thankfully my mom has a machine up and ready so I can finish Grace's dress.

I'm glad I'm leaving tomorrow for five days, because if I had to be at home for the next week and a half without my machine, I'd probably go crazy.

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  1. Do you have a little flat piece of metal that lets you tighten/loosen your needle for replacement? This is what my machine uses to remove the needle plate screws.


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