Friday, October 18, 2013

Hemispheres Quilt Pattern Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone!  I'm just stopping by to announce the winner of the Hemispheres Quilt!  Drumroll, please...

The winner is number 13, Colleen!  Colleen said:

Well I'd like to learn to do great curved piecing you know the kind that looks like Megan's round and smooth. I haven't tried curved piecing but I think mine would look more poky outy ... if I win the pattern I'd sure try my best to sew it nice and smooth like Megan's. 

Colleen, please send me your email address--my address is in my About Me section at the top of the page--so I can send your name to Aria Lane and they can get you your pattern!  Make sure you send it soon, so you can get started in the QAL Monday!

Thanks for entering, everyone!  Have fun with your quilts!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hemispheres Pattern Release and Quilt-Along

Yesterday I said I had an exciting announcement to make!

My friend Megan (from City Stitches) has just released her first pattern, published at Aria Lane!

Megan is an awesome quilter and lives in Charleston, which makes me totally jealous.  If you aren't familiar with her work, be sure to read her blog before joining the sewalong.  She's incredibly talented!

Hemispheres is a crazy versatile pattern--you can work it with solids or patterns; you can change up the background colors; you could feature the slices between the spheres in a print!  There are so many ways you could switch up the design of this single pattern, just based on the fabric choices you make.

A lot of people will see the curves and be scared--don't be!  Curves are something that look scary, but once you have it down, you'll feel accomplished and wonder why you were ever scared in the first place!  But, to help you even more, Megan is hosting a quilt-along on her blog, starting October 21.  You have a week to gather your courage and finally face those curves!  It'll totally be worth it, I promise!

In order to participate in the QAL, you must supply your own pattern and fabrics.  The supply list can be found on the pattern back, on Aria Lane.  But, Aria Lane and Megan have given me a pattern to giveaway to one reader!  To win, comment below: what's the one crafting or sewing skill you'd like to tackle next?

The QAL will last until December 13, and there will be prizes along the way, including fabric from Marmalade Fabrics, who is also carrying Kona bundles to get you started on your Hemispheres quilt!  The grand prize winner will be decided in a link party where everyone will get to see each other's beautiful quilts--no more curve fear allowed!

You can check out more details about Hemispheres from these bloggers:

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Oct 15: Rachael
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Oct 18: Shannon
Oct 19Diane

The fun starts next Monday!  Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your copy of Hemispheres: what's the one crafting or sewing skill you'd like to tackle next? I'll choose one comment on Friday, October 18, and you'll receive your pattern from Aria Lane!  Good luck!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finished: Tin Can Knits Barley Hat

I knit a second project!  And if that isn't enough, I still like knitting!  YAY!

This is the Tin Can Knits Barley hat, made in the child size.  I don't have a child to give it to, but I bought this yarn because it was pretty, not because pastels look especially good on me (they don't).  I decided to make a child's hat, and with the leftover 100 yards or so, I'd make mittens to match.  And then I'd hang onto them, in case any especially-girly girls need a gift.

Garter section!  Oooooh.
I used Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Chrysanthemum (lot B), bought at Eat Sleep Knit.  It's a worsted weight, but I believe is single-ply.  I'm still learning these terms, so I may be wrong, but it didn't come apart when knitting like the Quince & Co. yarn did.

Stockinette section!  Ahhhhh.
I loved seeing how all the colors came together.  What color would come next?!  I don't think I'll ever use a solid yarn again.

It was an easy knit, but I did learn a few things: changing needles, using double-pointed needles (my mom can't even do that!) (but she can do a lot more than I can), and making decreases!  I highly recommend it.  Maybe make one that can fit you!  But only if you don't have a giant head and big hair like me.

I'll be back tomorrow with an exciting announcement from a blogger friend.  See you then!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Finished: Tin Can Knits Oats Cowl

I did it!!

I finished a knitting project!!

I've never knit an entire project before.  I've dabbled, I've wondered how two needles and some yarn could make something, anything, but I've never completed a project.  Until yesterday!

I started this cowl weeks ago, on September 18.  I'm not yet used to how sloooooow knitting is.  It's honestly ridiculous.  I'm so set to finish things quickly!  And then my yarn says, hold up, sister, you have two more skeins of us waiting in the wings.  Sigh.

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen this cowl through its many stages: casting on, unintentional yarn overs, good ribbing (and bad), binding off.  I won't bore you with detail shots, but I will say I used Tin Can Knits' Oats Cowl pattern, from the fabulous Simple Collection.  I can't say enough wonderful things about this collection!  It taught me everything I know (albeit I don't know much).


The yarn is from Quince and Co.; it's Lark in Cypress, a dark green worsted wool.  It is truly beautiful to work with, and there were no variations within the lot.  I knit with Hiya Hiyas (first time using those!) and blocked it with Soak Celebration.  I think next time I'm going to go with Lacey or Yuzu.  Any suggestions?

So this is all to say I haven't been sewing.  Knitting has taken on my full attention, for better or worse.  I feel bad admitting that, like I've failed my Bernina.  I have to realize that I haven't, that having several hobbies of different natures is perfectly fine, and just because I haven't been sewing doesn't mean I never will!  I just am taking a hiatus.  I do need to finish that Tule quilt, though, and I got a new book (Jelly Roll Quilt Magic--beautiful quilts!) that will need some attention.  Eventually.

I do have a pretty nuts yarn stash growing.  I just cast on (and finished ribbing) for a small project last night, using some Manos Del Uruguay Maxima.  Such awesome yarn!

What are you stitching, regardless of form?

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