Friday, October 18, 2013

Hemispheres Quilt Pattern Giveaway Winner!

Hey everyone!  I'm just stopping by to announce the winner of the Hemispheres Quilt!  Drumroll, please...

The winner is number 13, Colleen!  Colleen said:

Well I'd like to learn to do great curved piecing you know the kind that looks like Megan's round and smooth. I haven't tried curved piecing but I think mine would look more poky outy ... if I win the pattern I'd sure try my best to sew it nice and smooth like Megan's. 

Colleen, please send me your email address--my address is in my About Me section at the top of the page--so I can send your name to Aria Lane and they can get you your pattern!  Make sure you send it soon, so you can get started in the QAL Monday!

Thanks for entering, everyone!  Have fun with your quilts!

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