I'm Emily and I live in Charlotte, NC.  After fighting it for years, I've left behind my big-city life for a house in the suburbs, with room to grow.  My fiance and I are working out the life we want: full-time jobs with extracurricular activities--including sewing, gardening, cooking, and baking, for me.

I love Christmas, spring and fall, Target, candy, Parks and Recreation, comedy podcasts, my family, my fiance, my cats, and eating food from the pot in which it cooked.  I'm naturally pessimistic but I'm trying.  I'm a suburban hippie, mixing our vegetable garden and my natural-life preferences with a Toyota Yaris and trips to Ann Taylor Loft for work clothes.

I love magazines and always have, but my fashion magazine subscriptions were traded for Bon Appetit and Southern Living.  I've recently mastered a bechamel sauce and hope to one day have two kitchens, so I can have two different colors of KitchenAid mixers.  If I had more time, I'd learn how to letterpress.  I've taken a calligraphy class but claim I don't have the time to practice.  I love playing with fonts and think a dream job would just be typing sample sentences in hand-lettered fonts all day.

We have a bird feeder and I've come to find watching the birds in the morning calming and interesting.  My cats disagree but they watch the birds with me.

I spend very little money on housewares, unless I can bake or cook with them, and have no interest in interior decorating past function.  I sew on a Bernina 550QE, an impulse purchase after Christmas 2012.

I'm a southern girl who loves sweet tea and Americana music.  I still visit libraries and listen to records.  I think my hair makes up about 50% of my personality.  I use a lot of emojis when texting and enjoy eating steak and potatoes as much as whole radishes.

Find me here:
Email: esposetta[at]gmail[dot]com

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  1. Hi Emily,
    Just found your blog. Miss you in Beaufort, I think its cooler here than in DC. Hope to see you soon. Nancy PS I love my wallet!

  2. Hey there! I just found your blog through the Colette Flickr group and it's always nice to encounter other Charlotte sewists! ^_^


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