Monday, October 7, 2013

Finished: Tin Can Knits Oats Cowl

I did it!!

I finished a knitting project!!

I've never knit an entire project before.  I've dabbled, I've wondered how two needles and some yarn could make something, anything, but I've never completed a project.  Until yesterday!

I started this cowl weeks ago, on September 18.  I'm not yet used to how sloooooow knitting is.  It's honestly ridiculous.  I'm so set to finish things quickly!  And then my yarn says, hold up, sister, you have two more skeins of us waiting in the wings.  Sigh.

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen this cowl through its many stages: casting on, unintentional yarn overs, good ribbing (and bad), binding off.  I won't bore you with detail shots, but I will say I used Tin Can Knits' Oats Cowl pattern, from the fabulous Simple Collection.  I can't say enough wonderful things about this collection!  It taught me everything I know (albeit I don't know much).


The yarn is from Quince and Co.; it's Lark in Cypress, a dark green worsted wool.  It is truly beautiful to work with, and there were no variations within the lot.  I knit with Hiya Hiyas (first time using those!) and blocked it with Soak Celebration.  I think next time I'm going to go with Lacey or Yuzu.  Any suggestions?

So this is all to say I haven't been sewing.  Knitting has taken on my full attention, for better or worse.  I feel bad admitting that, like I've failed my Bernina.  I have to realize that I haven't, that having several hobbies of different natures is perfectly fine, and just because I haven't been sewing doesn't mean I never will!  I just am taking a hiatus.  I do need to finish that Tule quilt, though, and I got a new book (Jelly Roll Quilt Magic--beautiful quilts!) that will need some attention.  Eventually.

I do have a pretty nuts yarn stash growing.  I just cast on (and finished ribbing) for a small project last night, using some Manos Del Uruguay Maxima.  Such awesome yarn!

What are you stitching, regardless of form?


  1. great cowl, congrats! you have a lovely yarn stash brewing. knitting is definitely slower, but it's a different kind of craft. more mindful and peaceful somehow.

  2. I love that your beautiful cowl is the first to come up when one does a search for Tin Can Knits Oats cowl! :) Lovely job! Thank you so much for the Tin Can Knits suggestion. Like you, I am going to start with the cowl and go from there. I just ordered everything that I need as per your suggestions- and will be knitting up in a pretty purple Malabrigo worsted yarn. :) Now I just have to be patient until it gets here and keep that patience as I attempt to knit! I can't wait to see your other pieces!


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