Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Sampler Week Two

Yay, I finished week two last night!  I really loved the little owls in this week's patterns.  They've been my favorite block so far.

Miscounted the blocks for the little sparkly white designs...whoops.

The last week of the sampler starts tomorrow, and I think I'll be sad to see it go!  It's so fun getting these each week! 

This morning I also finished up a couple drawstring bags.  I used Jeni B.'s tutorial to make a couple bags for me and my mom.  I was going to buy the pattern for the "project" bag size, but I think these will work for now!  I started knitting again after a two year break, and found that I had nowhere to stash my yarn and needles in between projects.  Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but with two cats and a Schnoz, you have to avoid leaving such temptations laying about.  Currently, my in-progress cowl and needles are hidden in a small Priority Mail box that some yarn was delivered in!  No longer will that have to suffice, though!

I ordered Far Far Away III when it was first released over two years ago, and these two prints have been stashed ever since!  Finally, I decided I'd had enough and cut into it for a project bag.  It'll be so fun to see this waiting for me after work or on the weekends!

I lined it with Kona Yarrow and used Zen Chic Comma for the drawstrings.

It's super roomy--this shot shows my 32" circulars, three rows of ribbing, and the ball of yarn, with space to spare.  (Well, this shot sorta shows that.  You get it.)  (Also, the yarn is Lark in Cypress from Quince and Co.  Amazing!)

For my mom, I used three Briar Rose prints and Moda Bella in Daffodil for the ties.  I thought about using Lush Uptown for hers, but this little gal changed my mind:

Love a knitting bee!

I followed the directions but the lining still ended up upside-down?  I don't know.  There always has to be a mistake somewhere.

Yay bags! 

Hope you're having a great weekend!  What are you stitching?

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  1. Your bags are so cute! And you're right - a knitting bee needs to be on a knitting bag. :) One of my lollipop sticks are off by one. I'm considering ripping them out and doing that white section again... which doesn't sound fun! And I'm so behind! I still need to do the owls, 2 letters, and the bat.


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