Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Crafting

I know it's only Labor Day afternoon, but I think my major craft projects for the weekend are done.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole lot done, because Nick's dad was visiting for a few days, limiting my time in the sewing room; fortunately, I still had time to sew!  And I picked up a new hobby along the way!

Yesterday I bought this purse from Target.  I've talked about this before, how I'm not really a bag lady, and I tend to use the same purses and bags until they literally fall apart.  My parents bought me the purse I use now two years ago for my birthday, and it is still in really good shape, despite being my go-to bag.  But something about this little guy called my name--maybe it was the fox?  Or the color?--and I stuck it in the cart.  Of course, this meant that my red wallet, which matches my current purse, would have to be replaced.

I bought the Straight Stitch Society Have it All wallet pattern last spring but never used it.  I don't know why not--it's so easy!  I cut it out and sewed it in about two hours, minus a break to run to Joann for fasteners (where are my fasteners?!).

I used two prints from Koi by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cloud9.  I also bought the It's a Plus print in voile, intending to make this scarf.  I'm wondering if it might be too much?  I love infinity scarves, and I love voile, but is it appropriate for fall?  What do you guys think?

Two things I screwed up: I banged on the spool of thread (following Dritz's directions!) too hard when securing the fastener, so the pearl side is shatterd; and my accordion pocket isn't centered.  It doesn't really affect anything, it just bothers my OCD...but not enough to fix it.

The new hobby I picked up is cross-stitching!  And dare I say it, I like it more than embroidery!  My sewing buddy Elizabeth cross-stitches and has mentioned her Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery samplers a few times (I'm familiar with the Pumpkins and love their designs.  I'm a slave to cute).  I finally decided to cave and subscribe to a sampler!  I signed up for the Halloween sampler, which starts next week on the 9th.  However, it wasn't until this weekend that I picked up supplies, as floss was $.25 at Joann and I had crazy coupons.  (Side note: did you know you can't combine coupons at Joann anymore?  This is madness.)

Before diving into the sampler border, which I need to start on!, I stitched up a cute lil' guy to frame and hang for the season:

I have one other fall-related pattern to stitch as well!  But I should probably get going on that sampler...

Finally, Elizabeth again had a great idea and suggested I make a quilt for our guest room using the new line by Leah Duncan, Tule.  I love Leah's work and bought her first line, Maya, last year.  I am also in love with her prints and asked for a couple from my brother for my birthday.  I wanted to originally buy the prints for the guest room, but wasn't sure how to tie it all in, until Elizabeth suggested the quilt!  I have it all planned out, and purchased seven coordinating solids to accompany the 20 prints in the line:

The solids should be here tomorrow, so I'll need to slice those up as well.  I'm really excited about it!  There's something about a new project, using materials you love.  It's hard to concentrate on anything else!

How was your labor day?  What'd you sew?

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  1. Your cross stitch looks so cute! And your wallet turned out super cute. :) It'll match your new purse perfectly!


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