Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I no longer trust my body

Since my last post, a few things have happened.  I had a great weekend, bought a pair of madras shorts, and Nick tried the lobster roll at Panera.  (I know, it sounds weird, and it kinda was.  Instead of a butter sauce there was remoulade.  Ew.)  But I also got a bad kidney infection.  I've never had one before, so this is new, very scary territory for me.  Sunday afternoon I was nauseous and just thought maybe my Kashi Heart to Heart breakfast was bad?  It was a stretch, but I didn't have another explanation.

Sunday night I went to bed early, after suffering on the couch.  I had a fever, chills, extreme nausea and couldn't explain any of it.  I was freaked out and scared.  Yesterday morning, at 4 AM, I woke up and felt like I was dying.  Everything hurt.  I looked up the symptoms, and all signs pointed to a kidney infection.  It also said I needed immediate medical assistance, so of course I worried that waiting the 12 hours or so since the first sign of symptoms would surely lead me to the grave.

I lied awake until 6, when I woke Nick up.  He was tired and also didn't feel good, so he was less than sympathetic, though at 6 AM, it's hard to be anything but pissy.  I talked to my mom, drove Nick to work, and after finding out my usual doctor didn't treat them, got an appointment with another doctor, who confirmed my suspiscions: it was a kidney infection, and it was bad.

So I'm still suffering.  I'm taking antibiotics but they haven't kicked in yet (or they haven't kicked in enough).  I worked from home yesterday and left early today because I had felt like I was going to keel over since about mid-morning.  I barely have an appetite thanks to this, so I can count on one hand what I've eaten in 48 hours.  I'm hot and cold, nauseous and fine, and today, I was pretty sure my right kidney was heading for the hills, because something in there was kicking its way out.

I heard that kidney infection pain is on par with early labor pain, and honestly, that scares the crap out of me.  I just laid there and cried for hours yesterday, it was so painful.  Maybe this is the final adoption straw?

Here are some pictures from the weekend.  I'm sorry there are no kidney pictures--believe me, if there had been a sonogram, the pictures would be here.

The Nationals vs. Orioles game.  Nats won!

Dippin' Dots!  I don't even know the last time I had these.

Nationals Park

Nate, Nick and me.  Nate came up from base in Virginia Beach to join us at the game.

Giant-headed Abe Lincoln

Ben's Chili Bowl at Nationals Park (Nick's second lunch in 1 hour)

Abe and George, together at last.

The Geico Gecko, my personal hero.

District Taco in Arlington, VA.  I love this place!

Montgomery Ave., Rockville, MD

Montgomery Ave., Rockville, MD

Montgomery Ave., Rockville, MD.  This is an old church that has been converted to law offices.  Irony.

Montgomery Ave., Rockville, MD, and my ghost purse
Time to go rest.  Eleanor's a pretty crappy nurse, but she'll have to do until Nick gets home.

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