Thursday, June 16, 2011

Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips

Please tell me you've tried these.  They're my absolute favorite.  In fact, I just spent $1.10 on a teeny bag of them in the cafe downstairs, and if I had actually thought about it, I probably could've bought a whole bag for that price while grocery shopping over the weekend.  Oh well.

I'm just really hungry, and when you're hungry, all logic goes out the window.

You know what else went out the window?  The plans for our anniversary.  They were cancelled before they even began.  So now I'm at a loss for what I should get Nick.  Do you think he'll accept dinner, cake and a tie and think it's the best thing ever?  Or will I be seen as a cheapskate?  I ponder as I fit an entire Sun Chip in my mouth. 

I also worked on the Sew Mama Sew Pretty Blouse last night.  It's free!  Why not!  Why not?  Because it makes me look like I'm six months pregnant.  That's why not.  Oh well.

This has been the longest week of my entire life.  I just want to be in bed.

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