Sunday, June 12, 2011

Long Week!

I know, I know, it's been forever since I updated. It's been a long, busy week, people. Work has been crazy and I've been doing the little sleep/lots of work cycle since I got back. When does that end? Honestly.

My parents left Florida for my dad's leadership meeting in Gettysburg on Friday. They stopped here in beautiful Silver Spring, Maryland, Saturday for the night, so I was able to take them around. They hadn't visited since we left Florida, so everything was new and exciting, at least in their eyes.

We went to Matchbox Rockville for lunch yesterday. Not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan. The food was overpriced for what it is (just pizza) and the waiter had an attitude, even though it took him 15 minutes just to say hello to us. Ugh.

My dad has been sick, so we left him at the hotel while Nicholas and I walked around with my mom downtown. When we lived in Maryland before, we never went through Bethesda, Rockville or Silver Spring. We walked in and out of stores and drove around different neighborhoods, finding gorgeous little houses. We even discovered that Kensington is less than 10 minutes away. We never knew!

Unfortunately they left this morning before we were out of bed, so we said our goodbyes last night. It was so much fun seeing them though. And now they know where I live!

Today we've just been running errands and doing chores. Oh and getting yelled at by cops. That's always fun. I wish they sold anti-anxiety meds over the counter because I'm still reeling from this morning and it's been nearly four hours.

How was your weekend? I'm hoping for a fun week. I'd like to at least get some sewing done, now that my machine is fixed. I have no idea what was wrong with it; my mom took it all apart and never found a nest or anything. Oh well, it's all better now!

Happy Sunday! Have a great week!

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