Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Really?  It's over already?  I remember talking to Elizabeth back in February about how we wouldn't have a day off until Memorial Day - weeks, months, practically years away!  And now it's over and tomorrow is June and ohmygod it'll be Christmas before we know it.  I'm not ready, I can tell you that much.

It was a fantastic weekend, though.  I worked from home half of the day Friday, after having meetings and meetings and meetings all week, which was a nice way to end it all.  I also decided while working from home that I wouldn't focus on cleaning - Nick will be home this weekend and can do it then.  Instead, 16 and Pregnant was my background music and I spent hours building spreadsheets and merging cells.  Sounds boring, but I kind of like that tedious stuff to clear my head.

Anyway, let's get cracking on what I did over the weekend:

Friday night after dinner (black bean tortilla pie), I set to work on an Oliver + S Ice Cream top for Miss Grace, using Heather Ross Far Far Away II.  Have I already posted about this?  I don't think I have.  Sorry for the poor quality; apparently my flash wasn't a fan.  Anyway, it's Sleeping Beauty themed, and the yoke is roses.  The back button is from a pair of Gap jeans I haven't worn in years.  I finished it in only a few hours, which was refreshing.

Saturday was a big day.  Here's a little back story: Montgomery County, Maryland, has ridiculous alcohol taxes.  You will easily pay $16 for a six-pack of beer.  Nick and I drink craft beers, so we're used to paying more, but it's completely ridiculous.  They're also upping the tax come January.  Ugh.

So we went to Total Wine in Alexandria.  We loved Total Wine in Jacksonville but haven't been since we moved.  The GPS must have known it was a beautiful day, because instead of taking us along 495, it took us on Clara Barton Parkway, along the C&O Canal, through Georgetown and Rosslyn and past Arlington Cemetery.  It was quite a sight, considering Rolling Thunder was in town.  Anyway, that second picture is of all our beer and cider from Total Wine--and it cost us about a third of what it would have been here in MoCo.  Sorry to bootleg, but we're on a budget.

After Total Wine, we went to District Taco in Arlington.  I frequent the DT Food Truck when it's here in Rosslyn.  They have awesome burritos.  This time I got a bowl and chips and a Boylan soda.  They don't have any Coke or Pepsi products, just Boylan!  Everything is also fresh and made right there, including the chips.  I can't wait to go back.

That last picture is of the Oliver + S Family Reunion dress for Grace, made with Anna Maria Horner.  I'm very happy with how this dress ended up, though I did have an issue with the hem facing.  The directions say to "cut 2 on fold," but there's so much extra fabric, I think that's a misprint.  I made it work--lots of easing and what essentially looks like an inside ruffle--so hopefully Grace won't think it's the most terrible thing she's ever seen!

Sunday...Sunday...what'd we do Sunday?  Oh, we went grocery shopping, which is always an adventure.  I also cut out the Colette Patterns Sorbetto top, which is free through that link.  We had decided to finally go see a movie together--the first in ten months of dating--so we went to Five Guys for dinner and saw Bridesmaids.  People, this movie is amazing.  If you haven't seen it yet, you must, as soon as possible.  I'm not normally a Kristen Wiig fan (based solely on her SNL characters), but this movie made me love her, Maya Rudolph, everyone.  Go see it!

Also, I asked Nick for that hot pink KitchenAid mixer seen above, but so far, it hasn't arrived.  It would look fantastic next to my blue mixer.

Yesterday, Memorial Day, we went to National Harbor.  It was a hell of an adventure getting there though.  I had to go to the Harley-Davidson store to pick up some presents for Aidan, Savannah's brother.  There was no way I was only showing up with gifts for her, and if I'd have made him clothes, he probably would have slapped me.  So I decided to get him a Harley shirt and a toy because he's obsessed with my dad's and his dad's bikes. 

We set out to go to Old Glory HD in Laurel, about 11 miles away.  On the way there, my hubcap came off on the Beltway.  Thankfully it didn't kill anyone, but still--and now my car is pretty ghetto.  Anyway, so we get there, and it's closed for Memorial Day.  Oh, okay.  Considering, again, that Rolling Thunder is in town, we're pretty surprised.  So I call Annapolis HD--it's closed too.  I finally call the National Harbor HD, and thankfully they're open, but my GPS doesn't recognize the address.  We got lost no fewer than five times in NE Washington, D.C.  Interesting, let me tell you.

Anyway, so we went there, I picked up a few things, we ate lunch.  The above pictures are from National Harbor; the first is "The Awakening," a huge statue that used to be at Hain's Point in DC, where I had seen it ten years ago when we first moved here.  The second is the Peeps store.  Yep, Peeps, those little marshmallow dudes my mom loves so much.  I'm not into them, but the next time my mom's up, we may need to go there.

I also sewed together the Sorbetto top, which I'm less than thrilled with.  It's a free pattern, so I'll go with it, but it's very short.  I have the shortest waist known to man--how does this look on normal people?  I made it with some cheap gingham I bought at JoAnn's Saturday.  Nick likes it, I'm more "meh."

I also cut out another Ice Cream dress from Sherbet Pips for Grace.  I'd like to get that done tonight and tomorrow so I can pack it up with her other outfits.

So it was a busy weekend!  Sorry to bore you--hopefully I didn't.  This week is busy, and the next few weeks are full with family and friends.  And before I know it, it will be July.  Oh my god...

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