Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding dreams?


As I've said, I have no grandiose plans of a wedding with an orchestra or center pieces or even guests, for that matter.  Because that's not who I am, and really, as much as Nick likes getting all handsome, he really isn't like that either.  We're much more introverted than that, and we live 800 miles away from our families.  We don't need that stress.

But I've been thinking more and more about us getting married, and I have these daydreams of it happening this summer, though there isn't a ring on my finger.  That doesn't mean a whole lot--we know it's coming, so why drag out the engagement, and I've already shown him the type of ring I want (at a very affordable price, hint hint).  But just let me have these thoughts, okay?  They're new and they're weird, but I enjoy them.  Hell, I've already become more domesticated than Eleanor, I may as well have the title.

Thankfully, not having a wedding also saves me from having to go wedding dress shopping.  If I've learned anything from Say Yes to the Dress, it's that wedding dress shopping is the most important thing you will ever do.  Ever.  If you mess this up, the rest of your life will be compromised.  I don't know if I'm ready to invest that much into a dress that probably won't fit right, so I would be willing to do just about anything to avoid it.  And seeing as how the fashion is strapless, and I couldn't wear strapless if my life depended on it (narrow shoulders, full bust, short waist--I hit the genetic jackpot), it will save me a whole mess of embarrassment if I just never have to deal with it.

However, here are a few dresses I would buy right now if I knew we were hitchin' this summer:

Shine Through dress from Anthropologie.  It has a great cut for me, and it isn't white.  I'm a pale redhead--white just makes me look even more so.  Plus, for summer, it's a great fabric--airy eyelet.  I could throw on a cardigan to show some modesty in the courthouse and wear my Marc Jacobs gold "I love you" necklace I picked up in Savannah last September.

Cotton-silk faille Blakely dress from J.Crew.  I love a ruff--who doesn't?  And the aluminum color is nice because it's light without being too feminine, and also serious, but the ruffle makes it less office-suited.  I could wear either my purple Isaac Mizrahi for Target heels I've had forever, or my pink open-tow Mary Janes (also from Target) I got three years ago on sale.  This is much more feminine, yet I still look like myself.

The Iza dress from J.Crew.  I think this is an actual wedding dress, but it's gorgeous and fitting for my situation.  The same bodice cut as the Anthropologie, but much more streamlined.  It has great texture and the white isn't bleached-out.  I'd try to offset it with either a colored cardigan or heels, because I can't imagine white heels in a city in the summer.  Ew.

I imagine I'd grab a bunch of peonies or tulips from Whole Foods and we'd hire a photography student for a couple hours, taking us from the courthouse to lunch or dinner.  I know weddings aren't always the stuff of dreams, but I'm going to keep these images in my head for a little while.  Just the two of us, off somewhere where no one knows us (even here, because I think we know two people in the whole city), deeply in love and making it official.

What are your wedding dreams?  Are you the opposite of me and think I'm crazy?  Don't feel bad, a lot of people are, and do.


  1. I vote for the eyelet's so lovely and summery! Also, I love me a full skirt.

    I don't think your wedding ideas sound crazy at ALL. I think it sounds beautiful. It really focuses the day on you two, and the commitment you are making to each other, without all the drama that a big wedding with lots of family usually brings. It's easy for the bride and groom to get lost in all that.

  2. The more I look at it, the more I love that one too! Who doesn't love eyelet? After dotted swiss, it's a top "good thing."

    I completely agree, and that's exactly what I don't want. I don't want to have to worry about the caterers or the flower girl throwing up on her dress. I want to be casual, like we were out and just happened to get a marriage license that day! How convenient! Plus, we're young and don't have the money; we'd rather have a house than a ceremony. I'm glad someone doesn't think I'm crazy though!

  3. The second one with the "ruff" is so cute!

  4. Thanks! I think so too. But I don't know if I could spend $300 on a dress.


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