Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Frappucinos make me ill

I don't think I've had coffee in at least six months and then I went out for Frappucino Happy Hour this afternoon.  Let's just say, I feel like slamming my head against a wall.  I'm nauseous and light-headed and just overall bleh.

Because I'm feeling particularly lonely, I'm just going to say I wish I had some friends or coworkers I could really connect with.  It's hard being away from everyone you know and love, besides your boyfriend, and today, for some reason, it just hit me hard.  So yeah.  I don't want to be a downer, but there it is.

Erica Cone, found on Artist a Day a million years ago
However, the weather is gorgeous, and I have two projects cut out and waiting on my sewing desk.  I need to make a stop at Hancock's or JoAnns this weekend (along with a million other places) for buttons and some contrasting yardage, but they're waiting.  

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and maybe I'll even have an inspired post.  Something other than sewing?  But whyever would I want to do that?

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