Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Taste of Heather Ross

That title sounds wrong, but it isn't.  Sorry to get your hopes up.

It's been an insane week.  Long days at the office, running running running everywhere, still making dinner and taking care of the apartment, and falling asleep on the couch.  Not necessarily in that order.  Now I'm exhausted and my belly hurts, most likely because of my week.

Monday evening I cut out an Ice Cream top and a Family Reunion dress for Grace.  This afternoon, once my internet cut out, I finally was able to start working on them.

That's the kind of week it's been.

This is the Ice Cream top, made with Heather Ross's Far Far Away II, featuring Sleeping Beauty and roses.  I bought it on sale last week at Pink Chalk and decided, while it's hell trying to get gathers to take (I broke each and every one of the tails), I love the artistry enough to keep using her fabrics.  I'd actually like more to make other things for Grace, and not just the upcoming Far Far Away III (with Snow White) but also the VW vans, the grasshoppers and the mermaids.

In summer 2009 when I lived in Savannah, my mom visited me and we went to Fabrika, an indie fabric store a few blocks from my apartment.  She bought some Mendocino prints and I don't believe either of us knew just what it was, but we knew we loved it.  She eventually made a Serendipity Studio dress out of them.  Now?  They're $40 a yard, or something equally as ridiculous.  I should've invested.

Anyway, back to the top.  So the gathering was less than fun.  Because it's a heavier, linen/canvas-type weight instead of quilting cotton, the gathering stitches just ripped right now.  But I tried to do what I could and then ease in the rest, and hopefully no one thinks it's too godawful. 

The button on the back is from a pair of Gap jeans I don't even have anymore, but I found the extra buttons a couple weeks ago.  I thought it went well without being too cute or taking away from the HR design.

Also, it only took me like two hours to make this.  Usually it takes longer than that to gather everything up, but I guess because I cut everything out, it gave me a headstart.

On another note--it's Memorial Day weekend!  I plan on buying and drinking beer, seeing Bridesmaids, eating Five Guys, getting ready for Florida and sewing.  I have the Family Reunion dress, plus the free Colette tank pattern for myself, as well as anything else for Grace I can fit in--maybe her Sherbet Pips Ice Cream dress?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  See you next week!

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