Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project 18: New Look 6077

This project was intended as a quickie to get me back into my groove.  The shorts of the last two weeks were such a science experiment that I needed something that I could make quickly, without a lot of thinking.  Plus, I had the pattern and fabric for this already, and the only notion needed was a button--not even interfacing.  It seemed easy enough!

Like most younger people, I really love a lot of J. Crew's clothing.  However, like a good portion of younger people, I can only afford J. Crew if I find it at Goodwill.  And honestly, I love finding it at Goodwill, because I used to work at J. Crew and I hate not getting the associate discount anymore.  (If there was one in Silver Spring I'd work there on the weekend.)  A lot of times, when I'm looking for some sewing inspiration, I look there first.  This past spring, I saw these two pictures:

I loved both, of course.  So why not combine them?  I found the fabric at Denver Fabrics during the free shipping sale in June (I only shop there when there's free shipping, otherwise it's outrageous), but the pattern was a little harder to get a hold of.  In all the Big Four pattern makers, I only found one blouse with a yoke that I thought would work.  I was considering hacking Megan Nielsen's Rie dress, because it's maternity, but that was just too expensive and too much work.  I went with New Look 6077, and hoped it worked!

Pattern description
Yoked blouse with two lengths and four sleeve-length options.  This is view D.

Pattern sizing
8-18.  This was originally a 14, but there were many, many alterations made.

Did it look like the drawing on the envelope when you were done with it?
This is view D, which should have some sort of notion along the yoke, but I vetoed it.  Besides that, yes!

Were the instructions easy to follow?

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I like New Look patterns because they're super cheap and to-the-point.  I disliked the lack of options available, but that isn't the pattern's fault.

Fabric used
Magenta and navy printed cotton lawn from Denver Fabrics.  This fabric gave me the hardest time.  It's super slippery and frays easily.  I mean, it was $4 a yard, what do you want, but good lord it drove me crazy!

Pattern alterations or any design changes made
Let's see!
  • I took the sides in by about 1.5".  There was just too much ease, and I really should've cut a 10 or 12.
  • After the sleeves were in, I noticed they too were huge.  I took in the sleeves by .5".
  • The gathers were too much on the sleeves.  I tacked those bitches down so they'd stop resembling shoulder pads.
  • I used French seams as much as I could.
Would you sew it again?
Probably not, just because I had this fabric in mind for this project, and I can't think of another time I'll need it.

Thread loops are tedious!  And pattern companies should really offer different silhouettes.  Do we really need all those dated tops with the butterfly sleeves?  No!

It's been a really busy day, besides that.  I woke up early, caught Mad Men reruns, made a cake--our second anniversary is Tuesday--went to Michael's and finished this shirt.  As soon as I'm done here, I need to make dinner and then stitch something for Wild Olive.  I like productivity but tomorrow's Monday already...

Did you make anything this weekend?

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  1. Hi, im making this blouse and wondered if you could help me (im a beginner!)? Like you found the sleeves are too gathered making tne shoulders look enormous. And too wide. How did you tame the gathers? Also my neck is gaping a lot, do you know how to rectify this? Im so frustrated!
    Many thanks
    Anna (UK)


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