Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lately Links

Am I the worst post-titler or what?  It's not like I ever link to anything else on this site, but I wanted to share a few things I found around the internet this week (probably while I was waiting on emails or eating my lunch.  Right.).

  • Eating Chicken, Solving Problems, On Dinner: A Love Story: I think everyone here knows I cook at least six nights a week (sometimes Nick cooks when we have fried chicken or pizza, but it's mostly me), and this article sums up why it's so important to me that we eat at home every night.  Besides the fact that we can't afford to eat out more than once a week, and besides the fact that we get four meals out of one dinner (we are also both religious lunch-takers--I haven't bought lunch since March), it makes me feel good to know that we're eating well and I know what we're eating, because we're young and we need to be healthy.  Yeah, I'm exhausted most nights, but the hour it takes me to make the food we eat is worth it.
  • Paunnett's Hazel dress: I will admit that I didn't like the Hazel or the Lily dress when they first came out, but seeing some of the versions on Flickr has made me reconsider (I still wouldn't wear them myself, though).  Anna is awesome and this dress is gorgeous.  And I totally agree with her--it hurts my heart a little to cut into really nice/expensive/sentimental fabric, but it's fabric, and that's why we have it!
  • DIY Glitter Collar on Refinery29: I probably need to make this, right?
  • Just a Dash's Smoked Gouda and Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese: I found this on Pinterest and am adding it to the calendar.  I love to make macaroni and cheese (there's something about a bechamel sauce that is so comforting to me) and this recipe looks great.  We tried Mark Bittman's this week and I was less than thrilled with it.  Don't get me wrong, it's mac and cheese so it's good, but it still wasn't great.
  • Vintage Bee Fabric on Etsy: Before I found out the Colette Patterns Macaron dress contest was only for fabric from Hart's Fabrics (lame, I couldn't find anything I liked well enough to buy for it, so I guess I'm out), this fabric was giving me some mad inspiration.
  • And finally, my mom bought me a self-healing mat because she said I sounded pitiful about not having one.  I cut some Iris shorts out last night and only sliced my finger once!  Go me.
What's been on your mind lately?


  1. Completely agree about Hazel and Lily patterns. I'm warming up to Hazel but still meh about Lily.

    And I had the same reaction to the Macaron contest. I've already bought the main fabric to make it, so it's pointless to buy their fabric just to enter the contest.

    1. Exactly! I thought holding the contest was the push I needed to finally make it, but not if I have to choose from their store! Don't get me wrong, they have great fabric, but I don't want to settle just to enter.


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