Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Sewing

I hope I didn't already use that title, but I probably did.  I'm the worst when it comes to titles, names, etc.  I still haven't thought of a name for that big etsy business idea, and Nick is no help.  (However, I do already have a name for the fabric store I'd like to open in three to five years, so I guess my priorities are in order.)

I did lots of sewing over the weekend!  Lots.  And I have more planned for the week.  The days are longer and warmer and I just feel like I'm using all my weekend hours instead of sitting around, watching Say Yes to the Dress.  This weekend, in addition to sewing, we ran errands, went on a looooong walk to places we've never been (and saw a car accident--yikes), and did laundry.  And that was just Saturday.

An iPad cover for my aunt's birthday, thanks to this pattern.  I had been looking forever for a tutorial, but because I don't have a laptop (and I work better with patterns anyway), I decided to spend a few dollars and buy one.  The fabric was also bought on etsy and blogged about here.  The only thing I didn't like was that the pattern called for two inside pockets, which I made, but the pattern never tells you when to sew them in, and I forgot about them until I was all done and they were just looking at me, sad and blue.  So the next time I make one I'll remember.

Gotta love that classy mirrored wall we have.  Anyway, this is Simplicity 2211, the Lisette Market blouse.  I cut it out last week and didn't have a moment to spare until Friday after work.  It wasn't difficult at all to sew, but the sleeves gave me trouble, just because I've never done a set-in sleeve (ha! Can't say that again!).  I wore it yesterday to run errands and it was so comfortable!  A tip, though: make the tunic length.  I have the torso of a toddler (seriously.  I go from boobs to hips in three seconds) and it was short on me.

Inspired by Amy at Helen Ethel Studio (seriously, go check it out--gorgeous), I decided to make an Oliver + S pattern though I don't have any kids.  This is the Ice Cream Blouse in Cloud 9's My Happy Nursery fabric.  It's a size 5, so I'll probably give it to my parent's neighbor's daughter (whom I babysat from the time she could crawl), but I'm worried her sassy self will tell me it looks like "boy fabric."  I'm on the hunt for something girly and fun (without being tacky) to make the Ice Cream dress for her before I visit in June.

This photo reminds me: I need to buy some hooks at Target tonight.  My sewing photos are pitiful.

What was everyone up to this weekend?  How was everyone's Easters?  We don't really celebrate but the weather was gorgeous and perfect for a weekend outside.

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