Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday's List

Here in D.C., on Channel 4 we have Wednesday's Child, which is a news feature about a child in the area who needs to be adopted or fostered.  I feel a little lame adapting the title for my own blog, but it just came to me.  It is nowhere near as important, believe me.

  • Had moving on my mind again.  What's that you say?  It hasn't yet been four months since my last move?  Well too bad, the weather is making me itchy and I'm ready to go again.  (Portland?  Oxford?  Back to Savannah?  Charlotte?  Paris?  Boston?  I don't know!)
  • Speaking of moving, I've yet to change my license to Maryland from Florida.  Does anyone know if there are penalties for going over the 60-day threshold?  I emailed the MVA about it but who knows when I'll hear back.  We're going this weekend, regardless.
  • Megabus is having a $1 on routes from Pittsburgh.  I'm not in Pittsburgh, but it did inspire me to look around, and Nicholas and I can head to Philly for under $30 round trip.  I think we may do that once it's warm (officially.  No more flip-flopping).
  • Also: NYC.
  • Liesl Gibson's Modern Workshop line started shipping today, and Fat Quarter Shop already has it up on their website.  I bought the charm pack and am all too excited to buy some yardage now. 
  • I'm consistently 10-40 points behind everyone in Words With Friends.  I promise I'm smart and have an extensive vocabulary.  I think it's my aversion to competition that holds me back.
  • Pinterest has been my latest obsession.  I need some more people to follow so please don't be shy!
  • My day has been consumed by Excel.  Damn you, spreadsheets.
And that's about it.  Work, work, work, that's all I do.  Oh, and laze around the apartment.  I can't seem to be motivated this week.  Maybe it's leftover anxiety from last week that just won't go away.  Any suggestions on motivation?

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