Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paris, Je'taime

Lately, Paris has been on my mind.  I've never been there (I've never even traveled outside the U.S., for goodness' sake), but I can't seem to escape it.  I read Jordan Ferney's blog and become envious of her chic little family life in Paris, working at night and exploring during the day.  I read Julia Child's My Life in France while I lived in Savannah in 2009 and, not only did it start a long love affair with everything that is Julia, but it also inspired me to cook, and to explore what is unknown to me.  Also, I'm itching for something new that isn't also stressful.  The job and moving:  new and stressful; me and Nicholas: not new, not stressful; me and Nicholas in Paris: new and not stressful.  See?

I've also been thinking about elopements.  Nicholas and I are in the "pre-engaged" stage, as A Practical Wedding calls it: we live together, we know we'll get married, but there isn't a ring.  Not yet, anway.  And the more I think about it, the more even contemplating planning a small (no more than 10 people) wedding gives me hives.  We can't afford it, for one, and two, I'm not sure I'm a wedding person.  I don't like attention or people looking at me, and I'd rather spend my money on something fun, not something where I have to worry about fighting.  I've always said I'd rather elope.  No passport and money aside, why not think about eloping in Paris?  Hmm?

Wear a vintage gown, eat all the macarons and French bread we could, and just enjoy each other.  Why don't more people elope?  Is it still taboo?  And furthermore, why do I think of these things when we aren't engaged yet?

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