Sunday, April 10, 2011

Betz White's Sewing Green

It's Sunday?  Boo, hiss.  I guess I should just be thankful that I'm going to work this week, because when I went to bed Friday I still didn't know.  Continuing Resolutions kind of suck, but not having a paycheck sucks even more.

Anyway!  On to more fun things.  I attending the Betz White sewing class at Bits of Thread yesterday in beautiful, chilly Adams Morgan.  A couple things about Adams Morgan: there aren't too many tourists which is really nice (however, cross into Woodley Park and they're there waiting for you), there's a "Capitol Hemp" store right next to a Starbucks, and gas is $4.29 there.  Another great reason I don't live in the city.  But I made my way in, on time for once, and decided to make the Easy-Breezy Sundress.  I had originally intended to also make the pillowcase skirt in the book, but it seems that my hips are big--my boyfriend even told me so after class at dinner.  Be jealous, ladies.

So here are the dresses, and I'm sorry for the cellphone pictures.  My digital camera is even lower quality so it's the lesser of two evils:

I had two people tell me they had the floral sheets as a child, which I think is hilarious.  As a kid I had Sesame Street sheets (and then Martha Stewart Everyday when I was a bit older), so I avoided running into my past at the ironing station.

These dresses are going to my cousin's daughter Gracie, who will look more adorable than any other child possibly could.  Ever.  I have more pillowcases but I'm not sure if I want to hang on to them for when I (hopefully) have a daughter, or if I want to give them up.  No one else I know has little girls, so they may just hang out in my stash for a few years.

The shutdown had me so anxious all week I barely sewed, so I need to get back into the swing of things.  I'm working on the Sew Mama Sew Charm Quilt tutorial--which means I have the charm quilts and nothing else--so I do need to start on that.  I bought both Oliver + S charm packs and plan on making both for my future kids.  Ugh, when did this blog turn into a mommy blog?!  I'm not even married!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  And guess what?  It's going to be 85 here tomorrow, so that must mean it's warming up all over the place.  Go enjoy spring!

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