Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Birthday Song

I love my birthday.  I never understood how people (mostly the other members of my family) could be so blase.  Celebrate, dammit!  Have a good time!  Party and drink and shop and do whatever you want, because it's your birthday and you deserve it.  Why not?  This is all acceptable as children, but it seems once you cross the threshold into adulthood, you're supposed to look at your birthday as a necessary evil, not to be mentioned unless absolutely necessary.

Well you know what, world?  No.  I'm not going to abide by that.

Also, full disclosure: my birthday isn't until September.  However, I know that there's no way I'm the only person in the world who gets excited for birthdays months in advance.  So deal with it.

First of all, the Sound of Music sing-along is the day after my birthday at Wolf Trap.  The Sound of Music is my favorite musical and I know all the songs by heart.  In fact, the first time Kali met my aunt, it was over a game of Apples to Apples where my mom, my aunt and I broke into the Lonely Goatherd all at once.  This is who we are, people.  I love Julie Andrews, I hate that bitch who tried to marry Captain Von Trapp, and I always fast forward through Climb Every Mountain.  It's what I do.


I think the best part of this is now I have a reason to play the soundtrack and watch the movie over the summer.  Nick's never seen it and he will be my partner.  I hope we look something like this:


Also: cake.  Cake is very important to us.  I think that's why Nick and I fell in love, because I baked three cakes within our two-month mark, and one was a birthday cake for him.  But, because my parents are in Florida and will most likely not see my birthday as a valid reason to travel 800 miles, I'm sure I'll either be buying or making my own cake, which kind of sucks.  It should be considered unlucky to make your own cake.  I do plan on making Nick's cake (I'm going to try a coconut cake with lemon curd filling, combining his two cake loves), but for my birthday, I'd like this:

Vanilla and caramel and salt, all from Cakelove?!  I'll take it.  But first, I should see if it comes in chocolate, because that'd be even better.  And you might need one too.

Next: party hats.  I've never had them at a party because my head is either too big or there isn't a party (normally just a few friends would come over to have dinner and cake...this year that number will be considerably smaller), so 2011 should include party hats.  I feel like we've really earned them

Finally: gifts.  Yes, I already know what I'm asking for.  Why wouldn't I?  But be warned: they're incredibly boring and I should be judged for them because they make me an adult.

Yes, a hand mixer and an iron, from Macy's and Amazon, respectively.  It's weird, I know, and I'm only turning 24 this year.  I feel like a '50s housewife.  Maybe for Christmas I'll get a vacuum!  (Actually I've had my eye on the Dyson Slim, but that's beside the point.)

So that's my birthday wish list, over four months in advance, just because.  I've had a bit of a hectic week and needed some fun.  What's more fun than birthdays, I ask you?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.

Have a great Thursday!  It's almost Friday!


  1. amen to that!!! ENJOY IT! Take it IN!!!!

  2. hilarious. i hate it when people make a fuss over my bday. but you're right. embrace it and celebrate!


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