Thursday, April 14, 2011

Regretsy, as it pertains to the untalented

Etsy is both my friend and foe.  I love, love, love it for gifts, and for inspiration, and for lots of screenprinted posters I want and can't afford.  But it also makes me feel really bad about myself.  I'm not a talented person, except for the following practical aspects:
  • I can type like 80 words per minute
  • I'm very polite and always use correct grammar
  • I know where my forks, spoons and knives live, in relation to my plate
So I'll be a great librarian and/or mom.

But when it comes to creating things, I need very detailed notes and instructions.  I need pictures.  I need videos.  And I need someone on retainer who can listen to me cry about gussets and why does Amy Butler expect me to understand what that illustration means?!  (Referencing: the Birdie sling.)  I am not someone who sees a piece of raw hemp and thinks, "I have the perfect graphic design at home to slap on that."  I can't create patterns.  I can barely sew a straight line.

But I want to open an Etsy shop.  I want to be creative and somehow translate that creativity into a career.  I remember when I first joined Etsy years ago, I saw a necklace (or bracelet? or ring?) that said "Not a waitress."  And the inspiration was the creator had been a waitress and an artist for as long as she could remember, until she took the plunge and just artist.  That.  Is.  Awesome.  I want that.  I want to be passionate and create things I love and then share those things with people.  Spreading love safely.  (Relatedly, is anyone out there an Oliver + S boutique sewer?  I feel like I could do that but the license fee may be a bit much unless I'm absolutely sure it'll turn out well.  I was just looking for feedback.)

Anyway, this is all because I'm working on my aunt's birthday present (her birthday is June 5) and am looking for patterns and fabric and such.  If she's reading this, she should stop now.  I found the pattern but haven't bought it yet--has anyone used PDF patterns?  Yay or nay?--but I did buy the fabric.  I saw it advertised on True Up at lunch today, actually, and decided I'd jump on it before it goes away:

The shop is PlainJaneTextiles, which can be found here:

I bought the blue version, because the red is much more my mom than her sister, my aunt, and also my aunt loves, loves, loves to knit.  She knits and talks.  She knits and drives (truth).  She knits and does everything.  It's a very therapeutic action to her.  I've never picked it up but my mom once made our neighbor a gorgeous aubergine shawl which almost made me want to try.  Almost.

So now I'm on Etsy, thinking about everything I want, and then checking my bank account and realizing I can't have everything I want.  Which sucks.  This wouldn't be a problem if I was a successful artist, jerks.  Or maybe it would be.  You know, it's Thursday, and I'm kinda bummed it isn't Friday, so I'm just going to end my thoughts there.

However!  There are new episodes of NBC comedies tonight, if anyone else loves 30 Rock, the Office, Community and Parks and Rec as much as I do.  I won't watch 30 Rock until tomorrow because I am old, but you should all enjoy it while you're young.

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