Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why Oliver + S patterns are so darn great

I'm not what you would call "kid-friendly."  In fact, most children are scared of me.  I verbally whip them into shape and transform little mongrels into angels for an evening.  Ask my aunt--her three grandsons stopped crying and whining and fighting long enough to decorate cupcakes one evening.  And it never happened again.

Anyway, I never wanted kids of my own because they tend to cramp my style.  I don't deal with dirty well and I really dislike make-believe.  I can handle glitter and Legos but that's about it.  Past that, you're on your own kid.

I always thought that...until I discovered Liesl Gibson's blog disdressed (also to your left) and decided she was the most modern, amazing mom ever.  She lives in New York City, her daughter has better outfits than me, and she can pretty much do anything--run a successful company (Oliver + S and now Lisette), entertain her daughter S, sew/craft/paint/draw/knit just about anything, and still find the time to recycle.  I don't have that energy now and all I'm responsible for is my cat Eleanor.

So I gave in.  I bought some Oliver + S patterns and her book, Little Things to Sew.  Once again, I don't have children.  Maybe someday, when I'm not afraid of having to sell them to pay my rent,  but not right now.  What in the world am I ever going to do with these?  Will they be out of style by the time I'm a mom?  Is Nick going to find them and think I'm insane?  (Probably.)

And then I look at them...and all is right in the world.

(from top to bottom: the School Photo dress, the Bubble dress, the Birthday Party dress.  All were taken from oliverands.com)

Aren't they beautiful?  If Oliver + S had been around when I was a baby, I would've had these dresses.  They're classic and vintage without feeling dated or prudish.  They're how you want little girls (and boys, if you're shopping in the boys' section) to look: cute, innocent, not whorish or sexy too early.

So now I have these weighing upon me.  I honestly am looking forward to the day when I find out I'm having a girl so I can get started on them.  We probably won't be nearly as cool as Liesl and Tsia, but I'm going to try regardless.

Also: Nick shaved his beard tonight and I keep telling him I don't love him anymore because of it.  I have a feeling that will backfire soon but I'm going to keep it going for a while.


  1. Well, generally, the need for adult to have children will come naturally, so just focus in your life et don't bover with something that you don't feel to have the need for now ;)

  2. They are just so, so lovely! You should just go for it and sew one up. You will put so much care into it, even if it isn't for anyone in particular yet, because the patterns are just that perfect. I can't wait to see what you do!

  3. I keep wanting to try one but I'm really afraid my boyfriend will freak out. I've heard even their instructions are amazing, but I haven't opened one to read it yet. I'm also waiting to get some tracing paper so I can keep all the sizes intact.

    There are quite a few babies and toddlers in my family, so maybe I'll attempt something else from Liesl first and then go for the big project...Thanks for the support!


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