Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DwellStudio lives up to its name

Because I'm still dwelling on some old favorites.  Does anyone else remember the chinoiserie DwellStudio bed linens, or is that just me?

Oh, how I loved it so.  But DwellStudio is expensive.  Especially when you're a college student trying to make a living working retail (as I was at the time).  So I settled for the version from the Target line, which was similar but in a very obviously-cheaper way.  When I washed the comforter, the colors bled and the stuffing never settled right.  I think it's sitting at my parents' house right now, probably gathering dust in the garage.

Anyway, I was reading True Up this morning and discovered DwellStudio's home dec fabric line.  The link takes you to True Up's blog entry about it, but you can also check out the line on Calico Corners.  When I was a kid, Calico Corners was kinda lame.  Maybe it was just because they're home decorating, but even the name makes me think of old women sewing table runners and knitting doilies.  However, my little bout of judgment was proven wrong when I went to check out this line of fabric.  They also carry Thom Felicia (I'm still a Queer Eye fan, and forever will be) and Ralph Lauren, as well as what looks like their house line that's pretty modern.  Especially for a place named Calico Corners.  And it's on sale right now!

I live in a small apartment and don't have too many home decorating projects planned, but a lot of the patterns I have, including Amy Butler's patterns, have material listings for home dec weight.  A Birdie Sling in the Vintage Blossom print?  Yes please!  As they say on Portlandia, put a bird on it.  (I'll never tire of that line.)

Note: I also discovered has DwellStudio's fabrics, but they aren't available until the end of April.  If you can wait, go for it.

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  1. Gorgeous bed linens! I love the fresh look.

    P.S. Love Queer Eye

    North Meets South


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