Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting Over, Yet Again

I think I am addicted to blogs.  I've had so many I've lost track of usernames and passwords.  I think I still have a Xanga floating around out there.

But here we go again.  I've deleted the blogs I can remember in order to start over.  I'm also making a vow to post in this more frequently than my other blogs.  I think the problem is I don't ever get comments.  That's incredibly disheartening, to work on a blog post and realize no one has read it.  I'm sure some people see it as freeing but there's a reason I'm writing here.  I want you to read it.  If I didn't want anyone to read it, it wouldn't be on the internet.  Plain and simple.

So here we go.  Welcome everyone!  I'll hold up my end of the bargain if you hold up yours.


  1. Welcome back and let me see what you have got on your next messages ;)

  2. Comment! Well, a bit late, but I only just found your blog. :)

    1. :) Well welcome anyway! I'm glad you found it!


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