Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's only Thursday?

This entire week I've been a day ahead.  Today I thought it was Friday until like ten minutes ago.  I'm glad it's not, because I've yet to clean my bathroom or get ready for Jake and Kali, but the fact that it's Thursday kinda bums me out.

So I will have guests this weekend, as mentioned, and I'm not really sure what we're going to do.  We're all on budgets and I'm not above cooking, so we plan on staying in for dinner most nights--one night we'll go out thanks to the awesome gift cards Mom is sending up with them.  (Bottomless tostada chips, watch out.)  Besides that, we're all about the free, and they have tickets to two concerts in Baltimore, so they will be busy.

We plan on visiting the Holocaust museum, which I haven't been to since I was 13 and first visited DC, and then I think they want to see the American History museum as well, which I just visited in January and may skip.  I'm not sure yet.  Besides that, what to do, what to do?

Oh, yeah, okay.  We'll shop.

I read in the Washington Post Express on my commute this morning that the Junior League of Washington is having their annual rummage sale.  When I use "rummage" in conjunction with the Junior League, I need to clarify: there are Kate Spade dishes on the sales tables.  So yeah, this isn't Goodwill.  We're skipping the Hoops and High Heels Friday night dinner because that's when they get in, but the opening sale starts Saturday at 9 AM and you better believe I'm getting up early to get my behind over there.  I've already promised Kali some Starbucks, and hopefully Elizabeth will join. 

I just wish it was happening now, because I always get really anxious and panicky before an event like this.  What if I miss all the good sales?!  What if everything is a size 2 except for one rack that's a 6/8 and there's a mad rush for it?!  What if something happens?!!!  So I basically need to chill the eff out. 

Until then, I will thrift online.  Or maybe just think about thrifting.  Or maybe I should do some work.

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