Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Intervention time

I'm trying to avoid this becoming a sewing blog because when I do things like that, I go fast and hard and then burn out quickly.  No such thing as taking it slow!  So let's talk about something else.


Well, here.  How about the weather?  I'm totally over these cold, rainy mornings, and I'm entering chronic depression from having my hopes dangled in front of me whenever we have a weird 70-degree day, only to have them crushed between Mother Nature's fingers when she decides she wants the next day to be 40.  Not cool, lady.  It's March 23.  March is supposed to go out like a lamb.  This lamb is sick and needs to be put down.

Also, did anyone watch the Beekman Boys last night?  We don't have Planet Green but I discovered that doesn't apply to onDemand, so I watched the first two episodes while Nick acted bored and pouted for the 45 minutes I watched it.  He can get over that.  As I told my mother, how can someone be bored with two gay men and a llama?  Impossible.  Anyway, they don't seem very happy, but I have to wonder if it's real or reality television drama.  They'll be in Georgetown this weekend, so I should probably ask over brunch.  (Oh, if only.)

Finally, I'm wearing a cardigan I bought my senior year of high school today and have gotten like three compliments on it so far. 

It's really hard to suck in while taking a picture of yourself.  Which is why I didn't do a good job.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  We can get through this week, I know it.  Time for some candy.

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