Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish?

I even wore green today and apparently my luck has disappeared. 

My Metro stop is the deepest one in the system.  The station entrance is at-ground, but you have to take an elevator down 20 floors (it doesn't seem like it, but it is) to the actual station.  There's no running down the escalator or stairs.  You depend on the elevators, which are always broken down or slow, slow, slow.

So when I stepped off the elevator this morning (before 7 AM, thank you), I realized my red-line-to-Shady-Grove was stopped with the doors open.  So I ran.  I run once a year and this was it.

And the doors closed when I was within three feet.  The riders probably saw the look of absolute defeat that immediately graced my pretty little face.

That was a great start to the morning.  Here's a +/- breakdown of today:
+ It's St. Patrick's Day!  Which means that, as a redhead, I'm not an outcast for one day of the year.
+ My mom booked our hotel room for our trip to Atlanta in October.  We're going to the Country Living Fall Fair which looks like it's going to be completely awesome and wonderful.  I've already started checking out flights.  I can't wait!  (Can you tell I miss my mom?)
- 30 Rock is on tonight.  Normally this would be a plus but because NBC has moved it to 10:00 and I wake up earlier than staying up until 10:30 allows, I'm forced to watch it onDemand on the weekend.
+ I signed up for a sewing class being taught by Betz White!  It's in three weeks at Bits of Thread Studio here in DC.  I'm very, very excited and plan on making lots of pillowcase dresses for my cousin's daughter Gracie!
- It's not even 10:30 and it's been a ridiculously busy day already.  Case in point: I started typing this entry at 8:00.

I think that sums things up for right now.  How are you all spending your weekend?  Anything fun?

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  1. I'll geek before my screen on the next week end (to play or to work ;)


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