Wednesday, May 2, 2012


If you read this blog, or just know me in general, you've probably figured out by now that I'm not happy unless I'm making something, whether it's dinner, dessert, a new skirt or a project in InDesign.  I like tangible things, which is probably why I enjoy "stuff"--I have five bookcases full of books, boxes of CDs in storage, and many, many more DVDs than I could ever watch.  Having these things, for whatever reason, also makes me happy--though I know that's an unpopular opinion and makes me materialistic.  Whatever.  I like books.

So I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday to bake.  And sew.  Oh, and work, because I still do that.  And despite the trouble with the bag (sewing through eight layers of fabric and interfacing is not fun), I was happy.  I was home, I was doing my own thing.  Offices tend to suck the life out of me; at home, I actually saw the sun (shocking) and had a little tabby who helped me along the way.

I don't have a whole, whole lot to share.  Just some pictures of what I did Tuesday.

I went ahead and made the Rebecca Bag From Bags: The Modern Classics.  I really love the shape--it's like a backpack with handles--but oh. my. god this was a pain in the ass to sew.  I used quilting cotton and was so glad I didn't go with my original plan of home dec.  At some points, you're sewing through at least six layers of fabric because you're underlining the bag instead of making a shell and a lining and then joining them together.

Also, just a hint--try not to finish the bag and then realize your zipper is closed and you can't get it open.  My seam ripper helped me out yet again with that conundrum.

I used two more prints from the Flea Market Fancy reissue because I just can't get enough.

Lemon pie bars!  Again, from the Back in the Day bakery cookbook.  I halved the recipe because it requires a water bath and I didn't have a pan larger than the 9" x 13" it called for, so I made it in an 8" x 8".  They're delicious!  Very tart and light, with a custard-like filling.  I also made the whipped cream, which is really the only way I'll eat whipped cream these days, and though I normally flavor mine with vanilla and granulated sugar, I used their method of powdered sugar and really liked that.  I didn't have to worry about it becoming grainy because powdered sugar just melts right into the cream.

So that was Tuesday.  I'm back at work today and there's something in my eye.  Obviously, it's a sign.

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