Monday, May 14, 2012

Vintage Pattern PJs--Parts Two and Three

Last week almost burnt me out on sewing.  Almost.  I volunteered to sew something for someone else (coming up later this week) and I was crazy busy at work.  At one point, I was sewing in between emails, with the iron on the floor next to my laptop, so I could meet deadlines.  I don't think I showered until 3 PM Friday because of it, and I didn't eat until dinner.  Crazy days!

I also have two dresses waiting...just waiting...for me to have time for them.  I pre-ordered the Sewaholic Cambie dress (just like I said I would.  I'm a woman of my word) and also have been waiting to make the Colette Truffle from the book.  I have the fabric for both; I need lining for the Truffle and zippers and then I can go!  But oh no, this weekend we're leaving for Beaufort.  Good God, when will I have time!

I did, however, make up some more nightgowns this weekend with all my vintage patterns.  They're so quick and easy, and there are now three different fabrics gone from my stash thanks to them.  Yay!

The first is Simplicity 5030, which is very obviously from the '70s from the pattern styling.  I technically made view 2, though I switched it up a bit.  I didn't add a band at the bottom (had nothing to coordinate with this Heather Bailey Freshcut from 2007 (!), bought at the Olde Green Cupboard in Jacksonville before I even knew who Heather Bailey was) and I didn't do thread loops at the back of the yoke because I don't know how to do thread loops.  Instead, I just did regular buttonholes, which I didn't picture because they aren't straight.

I thought the colors of this Freshcut print were pretty '70s as well, so it'd be great for the pattern.  Also, did you not see I've been holding onto it for five years?  Time to use it and buy Freshcut in the new colorways!

This is Simplicity 6851 from 1966.  I made view 3 and chopped off about four inches from the bottom.  Were people taller in the 1960s or am I just really short?  Anyway, I used a Timeless Treasures house print, which looks like plain light blue from far away, but when you get closer, you can see it has a white paisley-esque print:

Also, maybe someone out there can help me.  This pattern consisted of a front, two side panels, a back, and a back panel on the butt.  What's up with that?  Extra coverage?  Nick said he expected it to be like those kids' pajamas where the butt flaps open with little buttons.  Alas, he was disappointed when it didn't.  (Just kidding.)

Three new nighties means I can throw away the icky ones I've been using!  I still have my eye on that one I talked about in the last post, but seeing as how we're going on vacation, I'd rather spend that $7 on something in Savannah.

What'd you sew this weekend?

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