Monday, May 28, 2012

Beaufort, SC

My parents moved earlier this month from Jacksonville to Beaufort, SC, north of Savannah.  My dad's retired and both of us are out of the house, so they were looking for a different pace of life, away from work and traffic and really anything that could become a stressor.  After agonizing (and driving everyone around them bonkers), they chose Beaufort--or, to be more exact, Lady's Island, just south of Beaufort.

Nicholas and I drove down last Saturday, anxious to see their new house and get away from DC for a week.  I stuck around the house to help unpack while Nick went down to Jacksonville for a few days.  While it was stressful and busy and exhausting (thirty years' worth of stuff that has been moved up and down the east coast...good lord), I honestly can't wait to go back.
Their house is located on a marsh of brackish water.  Thankfully, this means little-to-no gators, which bodes well for their menagerie.  Actually, the animals native kinda weird me out.  They have deer in their yard everyday, but there isn't a chameleon, frog or squirrel in sight.  Anyone know why this is?  Being from Florida (and living in the south), I'm used to those creatures running around.  Weird!

Before Nicholas left, he tested out the binoculars.  I get seasick when I look through them, but he wanted to see everything.

I woke up at 3; my mom was drinking a bloody Mary.  Not at our best!

I don't think I've ever seen Winnie so happy.  So many new smells!  She does dig under the fence and run away, but for the most part, she's happy being on a leash, walking the property. 

Their neighbor boards horses and owns all kinds of rescue animals, including five peacocks.  I'm terrified of birds, but Nick wanted to get close.  Unsurprisingly, he was also drinking a bloody Mary.

Toonie the pig patrols the property.  This pig wasn't afraid of anyone; she let Nick touch her snout and will follow you if she thinks you have anything to eat.

Bobo is a former "teaser" who is enjoying his fourth decade (!) at the farm.  He's sweet and nearly blind and enjoys carrots.

We did visit Savannah one morning.  I parked near my old apartment, which I believe is for sale.  I'm no longer in touch with anyone I knew in Savannah, but it looked the same.  I miss it.  I want to move back.  There's definitely a Savannah-sized hole in my heart.

Wild Fibre on East Liberty is relatively new (it opened after I moved, I know that much).  I don't knit (I think we all remember that disaster) but my mom bought some yarn for Christmas presents.  I enjoyed looking at all the projects, though!

Of course, we had to visit Back in the Day Bakery!  My mom coveted my cookbook while I was there--I also made two more recipes from it; ask me how they were!--so we stopped.  It was packed, but the energy made it even better.  We bought two oatmeal cream pies, two Miss Hannah's (lavender cookies with buttercream in the middle) and two old-fashioned cupcakes.  I could've eaten more.  Good GOD they were good.  I also got to meet Griff, the co-owner, who was walking in as we were leaving.  I stopped him to tell him how great everything is and how Nick ate pretty much an entire tray of bourbon bread pudding.

I had such a wonderful time in Beaufort.  We're heading down again for Labor Day weekend, to attend Savannah's Craft Brew Fest and say hello to Mom and Dad.  Eleanor didn't want to leave and cried the whole way home.  She wasn't alone--I wanted to as well!

There's something about the South that I immediately connect with, especially the lowcountry.  The Spanish moss, colonial streets and marshland make up my soul.  I wish I could move there tomorrow.  Coming home was sad and unwanted--I tried to think of any excuse to stay.  Unfortunately, I'm back, but I'll be in Beaufort again soon enough.


  1. Love Beaufort! We have friends who have a house at Fripp Island and we visit there often.

    1. Yeah, I love it there now! I can't wait to go back. I've never been to Fripp Island though. I'll have to check it out!


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