Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Gifts

Can I just say that, despite my ramblings, I'm not a child-friendly person.  Yes, it has crossed my mind a dozen times.  Yes, Nicholas and I talk of children in hypotheticals.  But, if it were to come right down to it, neither of us like, want, or need to have children.  We like pets.  Pets like us.

However, baby gifts are a whole different story.

I had three friends give birth last week, and two announced their pregnancies.  There are very fertile women on my Facebook!  Because I'm not super close to most of these people--besides knowing the contents of their uteruses, apparently--I didn't celebrate with each and every one.  But a few presents were in order.

My coworker and Nick's friend both gave birth to boys last week.  I came up with a little gift set of burp cloths and blankets.

I bought all the fabric and made everything--it's all backed with white flannel for practicality.

I also hand-embroidered the babies' names on each blanket.  I have to say it wasn't my best work, but this is the first time I've ever embroidered letters, so it wasn't terrible.

I had originally planned on making bibs as well, but time got away from me, as always.  Each new mom got two burp cloths, a blanket, and an adorable card from Paper Source.

Eleanor helped.

I really enjoyed making these gifts, but are they in demand?  Is this something to add to the shop?  Babies are big right now, right?  I don't know anything about babies, except that I need to stay as far away from these women as possible.  I won't drink their water!

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