Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Side Project: The Banksia Top

Sometime last month, I volunteered to be a pattern tester for Megan Nielsen, she of the Darling Ranges dress.  The Banksia top (out now!) needed a few last testers, and I needed some inspiration.  I also love being first for things, and often have the patience of a newborn, so getting a new pattern before everyone else was pretty much ideal.

I made it for Kali, Jake's girlfriend.  I used a light blue dotted Swiss I originally bought for the Colette Chantilly dress when I first started sewing last year.  I decided it was time to destash and Kali always seems like a blue girl to me.  I know she likes pink and yellow most, but when I see her, I think of the beach, so I also think of blue.

The pattern is marked intermediate, but I think I'm an advanced beginner, and with a little patience, I got it done in about a day or so.  I sewed between grocery outings and sleep, when I didn't feel like doing much else.  I will say, if you decide to sew this pattern, do not be afraid of the placket.  I left it for the absolute last step because the directions terrified me.  I've never done a placket like this and I was confused and wish my mom lived here.  (I wish that anyway.)  But if you take your time and actually do it step by step, forgetting what you know about plackets, you'll do just fine.

Kali in her new Banksia top

Placket detail

In action

I will say that I feel bad the top is so large on Kali.  I've already offered to take it in the next time we see each other!  It is supposed to be blousy, but I feel like it fits her like the Violet blouse fits me: it's too square, not enough shape, and we're curvy girls.  We need some structure.  I'm sorry Kali!

Overall, I do like how it went together.  It was a quick cut, a quick sew, and it turned out well.  I'm a sucker for Peter Pan collars, so anything with that is an immediate addition to my collection.  I may make one for myself even.

(Sorry, Kali!  I promise you still rock it, even though it's too big!)


  1. I love that fabric! I'm a sucker for Peter Pan collars, as well. Have you made the Colette Chantilly dress? That's another pattern in my stack that I've never touched.

    1. I've had the Chantilly pattern forever but I can't bring myself to make it! I don't even know why not. I never got around to making Rooibos either. Sigh.


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