Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's Day Dreams

I've never been a Valentine's Day person in my entire life.  It's a fake holiday, people put way too much pressure on their significant others, and honestly, until last year I'd never had a Valentine.  I think one year, in fact, I celebrated with my dad and his friend by drinking too many margaritas at La Nopalera.  Another year I spent the night at Barnes and Noble, reading books with all the other nerdy singles.  This is my life, people.

I'm still not "into" it.  By that, I mean we won't be going out or getting each other gifts.  I'll make dinner and dessert, but I do that every night.  However, for some reason, this year I want to get excited about it.  I went to Target over the weekend and oohed and ahhed over their strawberry marshmallows and heart-shaped balloons.  (I bought heart-shaped Reese cups.  I'm not a monster.)  I bought Rifle Paper Co. valentines to hand out to my coworkers.  I picked up some heart-shaped cookie cutters and decided I'll decorate the cookies with sanding sugar.  I mean, I am into it on a whole different level this year.  Like, on a level that would make me a good kindergarten teacher.  Except for the whole dealing with kids part.

After seeing this picture on Flickr, I decided I want a Valentine's Day outfit.  Why do kids get everything?  Honestly, people.  I mean, chances are I won't even be at work on V-Day (I have a doctor's appointment scheduled) (side note: I hate saying V-Day but I'm tired of typing it out--it seems redundant), but I can still wear a pretty red dress, right?

I'd like to make the Darling Ranges dress finally--I've only been holding onto it since Thanksgiving--so I need something lightweight.  I do have a summertime version planned with some Lisette lawn my mom handed over to me, but A, this should be festive, and B, it should be able to handle tights.

Look!  I made a graphic!  It's rudimentary and pretty lame but I'm proud.
All the above fabrics were found within five minutes of browsing on  I've never shopped there before, but Colette Patterns has mentioned it a few times, and I like the organization.  The problem is, they definitely aren't cheap.  No bargain-basement prices here!  But maybe it's time to get serious about sewing.

The buttons would look adorable with the dotted Swiss or the coral lawn pictured.  Otherwise, it'd be too much going on.  The buttons were found on Etsy at Patchwork Mill.  I love a good covered button, and may have to buy these just because they're so darned cute.

So what do you think?  Are you against Valentine's Day but for cookies?  Do you think the whole thing is dumb?  Are you a hopeless romantic?  I'm still deciding, but I love a new dress.


  1. I had to leave you a note to say I loved your comment on Sew Mama Sew!! Shelly :)

    1. You're so sweet! It's true though--I wish I had as much style as those kids! (Or that I could make these patterns in my size...)


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