Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Film Photos

Yes, I still use film.  It is outdated, you're right, but I like the patience it instills: I have to trust myself that the picture came out, because I'm not going to see it for a while (almost a year, in some cases).  Plus, with expired film, you get a dreamy, vintage feel, which is something I can get behind.  Give me detail when it comes to tutorials or textbooks; otherwise, I want art.

Here are some pictures I recently got back from the developer.  All were taken with expired slide film in New York.  (I got back some from the South and from here in DC, but Blogger can only handle so much.)  Unfortunately, my slide scanner gives everything a slightly reddish tint, so in order to get it back to the original I had to retouch with my computer (using Mac Preview!  Hardly a photo finishing software).  Sorry--this is a picture-heavy post--just a heads up!

Owl statue

Three takes on the Empire State Building


The Guggenheim.  God forbid I go in, instead of take pictures from Fifth Avenue!

Shake Shack


From Central Park

Rockefeller Center

NBC Studios

Later, gators, I'm off to sew.

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