Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Sewing

Nick went to Florida for Memorial Day weekend, which left me with over three days of free time.  Well, technically I still have part of tomorrow, but I'll spend that going to the grocery store and cleaning up before he gets home.  Hopefully.  I was supposed to do that today.

Naturally my weekend consisted mostly of sewing.  I used to have no problem being alone--in fact, I preferred it.  But we've lived together for over two years now, and I'm used to having someone there all the time, for better or for worse.  When Nick is gone--which isn't often, but he's gone on vacation a few times without me--I have problems sleeping and staying busy.  I have to work extra hard on it, and I tend to stay up much later than I normally would, just because it freaks me out too much to go to sleep.  Relationships, man.

Anyway, I had a list of goals for the weekend: two quilts, some garments, a dog bed for the Schnoz.  Most of it was finished.  The dog bed was left behind as of tonight, but I've purchased piping and stuffing for it, so it'll happen!  I promise!

One of the garments was the Staple dress.  Previously, I had said how I didn't love the fit, that no matter what I did, it wouldn't work out.  The shoulders were too big, the whole thing was blousy...and it was a bummer because there were a thousand beautiful versions online and I just couldn't seem to get it right!  I decided to give it another go, sizing down to a small this time.

It seems to fit right now!  The shoulders and chest, while still wide, look like they're meant to be, instead of just looking big.  However, my shirring could certainly use some work.  I tried to keep the lines straight.  As you can see, that didn't work so well.

Don't look too closely, okay?

Honest opinion: will it matter?  Something tells me it won't.  If I really get self-conscious, I can always buy a belt, right?  Maybe it won't matter.  Either way, I'm not doing it again, so this is how it goes.

I gave it a two-inch hem because I don't plan on wearing it to work, so shorter hems equal weekend outfits.  Despite that, I know I'll need to wear a slip underneath.  Double-gauze sticks like nothing else in the world!

After the Staple dress was done, I started on my new Wiksten Tova.  I haven't made one in over a year!  My sewing buddy Elizabeth and I decided to hold a Tova Sewtogether for the end of May, with just the two of us!  We're keeping up on Instagram, but I was still behind until today.   

I'm using some of Anna Maria Horner's new linen blend, which I really love.  It's a good weight and will carry over into fall without feeling too light or summery, like handkerchief linen would.

We needed to finish the Tova up to and including the side seams today.  Success!  However: linen on a mannequin?  What a mess.

This weekend's projects were brought to you by Parks and Recreation and Freaks and Geeks.  I'm calling it a night on sewing as of now.  Time to go read some magazines and watch Netflix.  Happy long weekend!

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  1. Dude, blousy dresses are the worst! That's my biggest worry when trying a dress like this. I think it's supposed to fit a little loose though, right? It's the one thing that keeps me from buying that Staple Dress pattern.

    Also, Freaks and Geeks is the best.


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