Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finished Datura Blouse!

I don't have a major update today.  Honestly, I debated starting another project, just so I'd have more to talk about!  But then I couldn't decide what to make (...again) so I figured if I spent some time blogging it would clear my mind enough to come to a conclusion on my next project.

So far?  Nothing.

Last weekend, after making a quilt, I started on my Deer & Doe Datura blouse.  I'm sure you're familiar with Deer & Doe by now, as they're all over sewing blogs, but I finally bought a couple patterns (Datura and Belladone, a dress).  They're adorable French patterns, similar to Colette Patterns in style--vintage-y and feminine--but French, so that makes them better, right?  Maybe not better, but at least as good, I think.  And I was able to buy the English translation of the patterns, so that's a major plus.

I can't get fabric to lay right on this mannequin ever.  Anyone have any tips?
I used two prints from Sarah Watt's Timber & Leaf collection.  If you remember, I used Timber & Leaf for my Amy Butler Lotus tunic at the beginning of the year and loved it.  The fabrics (from Blend) are so soft!  And they get softer with each wash.  I get it that they're made for a quilt, but I love them for apparel!

I chose the second view, with the Peter Pan collar.  I'm starting to wonder how much clothing I can own with Peter Pan collars before someone steps in?  Let me know before the intervention and I'll clean out my closet.

The pattern is rated advanced, and while I don't know that it's appropriate for view B, I will say the instructions weren't super helpful.  I know how to make a shirt by now, so I could guide myself for the most part, but there were parts that had me scratching my head, such as attaching the yokes.  I glossed over that, did it the way I knew, and everything turned out fine.

I did take a major shortcut and not make buttonholes.  I just didn't feel like it, and I'm running out of thread, so most likely I'd have made one hole and then been annoyed that I would need a trip to JoAnn's before making the other two.  If I notice it's hard to wear without the buttonhole ease, I'll go back and fix it.  Sometimes you just want to be lazy.

So now I'm wondering what to start next?  I have fabric pulled for a Belladone dress, a Sewaholic Alma, and another shirtdress.  What do you think?  And have you used Deer & Doe before?


  1. I love the fabric combo here! It looks great. And I'm not a fan of making buttonholes (I HATE buttonholes) unless they're essential to, you know, getting it on and off. So I like your methods!

  2. Never used Deer & Doe before, but now I'm gonna check it out. Lovin the collar and the fabric choices on this. You have quite the summer wardrobe!


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