Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Belladone Dress and a Garden Update!

If you guys aren't converted to Deer & Doe patterns from my Datura blouse, maybe this post will convince you.  Because this dress--the Belladone dress, from Paunnet fame--is the nicest, most flattering, least frustrating dress ever.  Seriously!  It was actually a pleasure to sew, and I never say that. Usually by the end of a project I'm so ready to be done I vow to never wear the damn thing.

Woo!  Super dark picture from bad lighting!

Nick worked overtime tonight--funny story, he had to come home early anyway because there was a snake outside the house which rendered me scared and paralyzed--so I had to set up my own little photography studio outside.  This meant I dragged an empty hamper to the back patio, turned it upside-down, and stacked pot drainers on top until I thought it was tall enough for the camera.  It wasn't, really, but I'm resourceful and really just wanted to take the pictures and get on with my life.

I used another print from Timber & Leaf, so hopefully you aren't tired of Sarah Watts yet, because I'm sure not!  Again, I have nothing but nice things to say about Blend fabrics.  They're so soft and so great to work with!

I did wear this dress to work today, so if it looks wrinkled, that's why.  Also there was a breeze and I'm wearing cotton underwear, so there's a lot going on, okay?

Look at those chubby arms!  Yikes!
I really did enjoy every bit of this pattern.  It was extremely well-written, and everything came together beautifully.  If I could change one thing--and I will, because I plan to make more--I'd sew the top of the dress for about an inch before inserting the zipper.  I find hook-and-eyes tedious and I could have easily avoided it.

Action shot!
So get thee to a stockist, now, and make this dress.  It's so perfect for spring and summer!  I'm trying to think of what print I'll use next.  Hmm...all of them?

In garden news...

...my Green Arrow peas have flowers, but my sweet peas do not...

...my watermelon are about two inches high...

...Puddin' is a weirdo...

...my pumpkins are out of control!...

...the Fresh Salsa hybrid tomatoes are the only ones with flowers...

...the ranunculus and anemone are sad as can be.  Anyone have any ideas?...

...and we still look pretty crazy over here on Sposetta farm.  How are your plants?


  1. Ooohhh everything (plants, dress and kitty) look great!! We haven't started our garden yet - a good thing since we had a frost yesterday- it's been SO COLD up here in the morning and night. Our blueberry bushes and peach trees flowered nicely so far- I'm worried out my potted fig plant. It hasn't shown any signs of blooming yet. : ( : ( Hopefully next weekend we'll be on our way to Garden 2013. :) Can't wait to see how it turns out for you!

    I'm off to check out those patterns!

  2. Love the dress. I would have been paralyzed by the snake too!


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