Sunday, May 19, 2013

Meeting Mister Schnoz

Last week was a bit hectic.  I got back in town from Chicago Sunday afternoon and seemed to hit the ground running: laundry!  Dinner!  Groceries!  Oh, and then work!  The week flew by, which is good, of course.  I hate weeks that linger.  Just move on already.

In the middle of all this, Nick mentioned getting a dog--again.  When we lived in Jacksonville, we both had dogs: my family had a Florida brown dog (read: mutt) and Nick's had a bullnese who was born and bred at the next-door neighbor's house.  Then we moved to DC, and our apartment not only preferred cats, but really catered more to them.  The pet deposit for dogs was in the thousands (hardwood floors) and 700 square feet doesn't really lend to a dog's housing preference.  It can be done, surely, but not while we're both working 12 hour days and commuting at 6 AM.  We shelved our definite plans, but never stopped dreaming about our future brood of Corgis, Westies, Scotties, and Schnauzers.  The terriers, they call to us.

So while I was trying to desperately jump back into things, Nick and I talked about dogs.  I firmly believe in adopting.  In fact, the animals I've had--Puddin' and Eleanor, though I nursed Maisy back to health--adopted me.  They were strays, or rescues, and I always have room for another kitty.  I couldn't, in good faith, go to a breeder when I knew there were hundreds of dogs in Charlotte who needed a home.  I pushed Nick to go on Petfinder and just look.  Just look!  That way, you know what's out there.

Well...he found someone.  Lucas, as he was listed, a black miniature Schnauzer, nine weeks old and cute as hell.  As Nick was telling me about it, he was also emailing the rescue agency, and updating me as emails were exchanged.  We called the foster mom Tuesday night, discussing everything from his age to when we could meet him.  Nick was in love, and nothing was going to stop him.

As we planned and talked Wednesday through Friday, we realized we needed everything.  We have cats!  How will we raise a dog?!  So we started a list: crate, bed, toys, shampoo, etc., etc., adding to it every time we talked.  I read about miniature Schnauzers and checked puppy websites, scouted "hipster" and handmade dog accessories, and decided this puppy will, in fact, wear a coat in the fall and have a Halloween costume.  As his intended mother, I can decide these things.

Finally, Saturday came and we drove to North Augusta, South Carolina.  Have you been to North Augusta?  I hadn't either, but it isn't a stunner of a town.  But, the foster mom was there, and it isn't a bad trip from Charlotte, especially when the love of my fiance's life lives there with his four brothers and sisters and poor mother, all rescued from a puppy mill.  We met with the foster mom, who brought us Lucas and his brother (no name), and we held both and switched back and forth, talking with her about the agency, the dogs they rescue, the puppies' medical histories.  I made Nick play God and choose who we brought home, and he chose Lucas, the puppy he had fallen head-over-heels for just days earlier.  We paid the adoption fee, packed him up, and headed home.  He didn't even whimper until we got off I-485 at our exit.  A dream!

I won't bore you with more puppy talk, but Mr. Schnoz, or Schnozzy as we affectionately call him, is adorable.  And he's ours!  This is how new parents must feel.  Currently we're working on treats and training, but we have big plans for obedience classes, Canine Good Citizenship, doggy daycare, and outings to the dog cafes in the area.  This is exciting!  As someone who mostly loves cats, it's a whole new way of thinking and doing.  And it's fun.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the little pup.  If you have any puppy tips or help with miniature Schnauzers, please share!

Yes, that is a bowtie.

First bath at home!
I also wanted to note that the rescue agency we adopted from is Canine Rescue of North Augusta.  If you love Lucas, he has brothers and sisters who need homes!  And if you don't love Lucas, but you love other dogs, check them out.  They adopt all over the U.S., and the founders--Barbie and Jean--are very nice women.

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  1. Congratulations!!!! Wonderful, wonderful news! I'm so happy for your new family AND that you adopted. I am a firm believer in adoption too! When Dan and I adopted Heidi a few years back it was the best decision we ever made. The old adage "My rescue dog rescued me" is so true. :) Lucas is adorable- I especially like the white on his chest- so dapper with the bow tie! :) Enjoy your new life together!!!


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