Sunday, June 2, 2013

Feathers and Linen: A Summer Tova

I previewed my Anna Maria Horner Tova top last week, back when it was just a body with no sleeves or cuffs or collar or hem--just a sad piece of beautiful linen.  Unfortunately, I really dropped the ball on working on it this week.  I guess having a new puppy does that to you?  Whatever my excuse (and it changes daily), I finally found time to finish it today, while waiting for my fabric to pre-wash and dry.  Puppy bandanas and beds for all!

The blue shorts were a total coincidence.  Don't you love that?  It's like kismet.  I have a pair of purple shorts that actually match it perfectly, so I'm excited to have two options!  On a side note, with all these colorful shorts, I can't help but think of when I was 11 and I told my mother colored shorts were so unfashionable and I demanded plain denim shorts.  On the first day of school, everyone was wearing different-colored shorts (we lived in South Florida) and I was bummed.  That started a long tradition of her saying "I told you so."

This isn't even an outtake!

I made my other Tova top last spring and wear it constantly, despite sewing the sleeves backward and mending a big hole in the torso.  It's navy gingham and just perfect.  I'm hoping this one gets just as much wear!  The fabric is heavier but not uncomfortable.  Like I said last week, it'll be a nice transitional piece, for now and later in the summer, when it gets chilly at night.  That happens in Charlotte, right?  God help us.

Also, did you see I finally cut my hair?!  It's only been two years since I've actually stepped into a salon--it's about time, people.  I'm not 100% happy with it--there aren't enough layers, and I had to trim a few bits myself because she was a bit conservative with the scissors--but I'm glad to have short hair again.  Yay!

I also made a dog bed with dinosaur fabric this weekend.  Schnoz refuses to sleep on it.  What an angel.


  1. It looks really great on you! And your haircut looks good!

  2. I love your shirt! And the fabric is amazing. I have a few kid free hours this weekend and I told my husband I want to run to the fabric store so I can slowly look through all of the fabric options.....woo hoo! I can't wait.


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