Sunday, April 29, 2012

Colette Peony, Part Deux

What came first, the fabric or the pattern?

Well, I guess if you're being technical, the pattern came first.  Colette's Peony was released in September 2011 and I bought it immediately.  And then I made it in black "poplin"--it was way too light to be real poplin, so thanks Denver Fabrics--and was disappointed by the fit.  I still wore it, but I wasn't thrilled with it.

A month or so ago, I was snooping around on the Westminster site and saw Martha Negley's spring line, "Farmington."  I loved it immediately.  I picked up some olive Feathers from Alewives and found the Peony print at Purl.  

Hmm.  Peony print.  Peony dress.  Okay, they were obviously made for each other.

I was nervous and excited while cutting this out last week--I love the print and really couldn't wait for a spring dress in it, but it was so pretty, what if I messed up?  I was also experimenting with the sizes, and was afraid I was just going to muck it all up.  

Honestly, except for some zipper issues (which I really don't feel like dealing with), it turned out pretty well.

I cut a size 8 in the bodice and a 10 in the skirt, and didn't adjust the seam allowances at all, except the zipper has a   1/2" seam instead of 5/8".  I'm still having some poufing in the back--I'm thinking I just need to suck it up and shorten the bodice, but with a cardigan, it shouldn't be an issue.  And I always wear a cardigan.

I'm just that kind of girl.

I have about a half-yard of this fabric leftover because I decided not to make a matching belt--I hate belts--so I might make a bag for the shop.  I'm not sure.  I still haven't received my tags, so nothing is being made for the shop right now.

What do you think?  Have you tried the Peony?  And am I alone in being disappointed in the spring Colette patterns?  Maybe I put too much excitement into them--there was nowhere to go but down--but the thick straps and straight skirts make me think of the juniors' patterns I used to pick up from Simplicity.  (Does anyone else remember the Grooves line?  This is what comes to mind.  I used to buy those like crazy in sixth grade, but I don't think I ever made anything.)  I just like a sweetheart neckline, I guess.  Which reminds me, before I go, did anyone else get the Sewaholic pattern email this week?  I will be presaling the hell out of the Cambie dress.  Can't wait!

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