Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anxiously Awaiting Spring

I'm so happy I'm back into the swing of things.  I'm no longer afraid of my new sewing machine, I've completed a quilt, started another (which is a top-secret project for the time being), and made a few clothing projects, including a rooster-print apron that confirms I am becoming my mother.  As much as I love the holidays, taking down the tree was not met with depression this year.  I was ready to move on before Christmas even happened.

As you know, we're back in the south, which means warmer weather, even though we aren't on the coast like we have been in the past.  While I'm still freezing 75% of the time, the temperatures haven't been too bad--50s and 60s during the day, 30s and 40s at night.  Compared to D.C., this is heavenly.  With this weather, we're naturally looking toward spring: we're going to buy bikes, I won't have to wear tights, and cotton will replace wool in my wardrobe.  What could be better?  I love fall, but winter and I just don't get along, no matter where I live.

I bought a ton of floral, feminine fabric before Christmas and have been chomping at the bit to use it.  It's hard to motivate myself, or even convince myself it's a good use of my time, when I won't be able to wear anything for at least a month, if not two.  It's a bummer to look at all these floaty, bright fabrics and know they'd just sit in my closet...

You know where this is going, right?

Whatever, so I gave into temptation!

I sewed up the Amy Butler Lotus cami last night--a surprisingly easy sew, given how detailed (and sometimes tedious) Amy's patterns normally are.  A few notes about this:
  • I've owned this pattern since I first decided to start sewing.  I think I bought it off, back when my knowledge of websites and pattern designers was severely limited.
  • I couldn't be happier with my Bernina's buttonhole stitch--each buttonhole was a breeze and a thing of beauty.
  • I had to make a size large on account of the fitted nature; when I made the Anna tunic a million years ago, the medium was large enough for me.
  • As you can see, I used one fabric throughout, and for the facing as well; I don't understand why people feel the need to throw as many quilting cottons together.  Two is fine, in the right context, but some of these pattern designers just want more and more and then you look like a crazy lady.
Here are more pictures:

The fabric is Sarah Watts' Timber & Leaf collection by Blend fabrics.  I bought it at Hawthorne Threads as soon as it was released.  It's a high thread-count, so very soft, and such a feminine theme.  The birds in this print look like they're hand-stamped--they're a bit see-through, and positioned in layers on the branches.  I also have this print in gray and plan on making a Pastille from it.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this!  I will mention that I meant to actually wear this and take pictures, but it's 10 AM and I'm still in my pajamas and a hoodie, so that isn't happening.  How do other bloggers do this styling thing?!  It's Sunday, I'm not wearing makeup.

What have you been up to lately?  I bought an invisible zipper foot for my new machine yesterday and have heard it's totally worth the $54, so I hope that's true.  I also signed up for a calligraphy course at Paper Source!  I'm so excited about that.  I tried to teach myself calligraphy a few years ago and it didn't go so well.  I hope this one goes more smoothly!

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  1. Emily, you find the greatest fabrics! I love this top- seriously, great job. I can't wait to see pictures. I've been behind in my blog reading and I definitely need to catch up on yours- given your move to the south (lucky! it's frigidly cold up here, as usual) and your new machine. :) Can't wait to see photos of the top on you. Also- I need to check out paper source for a calligraphy course near me. I knew they offered classes (I'm considering a wedding invitation course) but I had not idea they offered calligraphy classes. Thanks for the heads up!


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