Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Today's Obsession

I'm an obsessive person.  It runs in my family.  We don't dabble in hobbies; we hit the ground running and become professionals in a matter of weeks.  Supplies, books, magazines are bought quickly and in large amounts; blogs and YouTube channels are subscribed to at lightning speed.  I'm no different than the other women in my family when it comes to this, which is why I'm now researching gardening and planning how to make the most of my small backyard.

The problem is, no one cares about my obsessions.  Sure, I can share a few with my mom or friends, but for the most part, no one approaches me and says, "Tell me what's been consuming all your free thoughts today!"  I'd gladly share, if there were any willing participants.

But wait.  Guess what!  There are.  You, my blog readers, are willing participants!

No, come back!  I promise they aren't lame obsessions!  You'll like them!

I don't know if this--my daily obsessions--will be a daily series or just occasional.  Random is a pattern, right?  So we'll go with that.  I would also like to say that I'm not sponsored by anyone--even Nick doesn't give me money--and these blog posts are meant to be light and fluffy, so don't judge them too harshly.  Lord knows I didn't.

I wish I could backdate some entries but that's cheating.  Monday I was obsessed with CSAs, and Tuesday I was obsessed with dotted Swiss fabric.  Do you know how hard that is to find?  I'm talking about the good stuff, too: visible, fluffy dots; sheer fabric; vintage appeal and price tag.  I'm still searching.

Today, I'm obsessed with...David's Tea!

Let me preface this by saying I've never had David's Tea.  But I love tea, especially chai, though I get really nauseous from it and don't know why.  Maybe it's the spices?  Anyway, I've heard of David's Tea and was bored so I figured I'd start looking into it.

It's pretty amazing.  David's Tea is al organic and many varieties are vegan, if you're into that.  And some varieties have sprinkles in them.  Some have edible glitter.  There's an entire collection devoted to chocolate.  Are you in love yet?

Yeah, those are jelly beans in the tea,
However, there are two downsides: David's Tea is online-only for me (no location in North Carolina, which isn't super surprising) and the tea is loose.  I have never had loose tea before.  I'm even researching compost bins (another obsession, another day) because I want to compost my tea bags!  So if I bought David's Tea, I'd need a mug or teapot with an infuser, and I'd probably need a honey pot just for the hell of it, and now this is an adult version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, which was always a favorite of mine as a kid.

Regardless of downsides, this is a fluff series, and I want to focus on that.  Let's talk about tea flavors!  I don't like green tea, so we'll ignore it.  Black tea, oolong, and rooibos are great fun and with a flavor like carrot cake I really can't go wrong, right?  And as long as I'm internet-window-shopping, I can "buy" whatever I want.  Carrot Cake, Birthday Cake, all the varieties having to do with getting over a cold (be prepared)--those will all go in my imaginary cart.  Then I can have the perfect Sunday morning, making expensive and delicious tea while reading blogs or watching a movie.  Maybe a friend will come over and drink some with me!  And we'll eat scones that I baked the night before.  None of this is happening, but it sounds wonderful, all thanks to tea.

So thanks for indulging me, and thanks from Nicholas because he didn't have to listen to it.

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