Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are Peplums Still In?

I sure hope so, because I love this shirt.  I don't know what I can say about Vogue 8815 that hasn't been said--seriously, it looks like everyone on the internet has made some version of this--but I'm officially a follower.

No makeup, weird hair, messy sewing room, and Nicholas, who is nine inches taller than me, didn't take this picture at my eye-level.  How many ways can I offend my readers?

I used Jay McCarroll's For the Birds print from Habitat for this.  I bought this back when FreeSpirit was having a "tent sale" at Hawthorne Threads--I think it was $5 a yard or something crazy like that?  I did buy it with this top in mind, but it sat around forever, unwashed, until I finally picked up Vogue 8815 a couple weeks ago.  This is also my first Vogue pattern, as they're normally insanely expensive, but both Joann and Hancock Fabrics were having a $3.99 sale earlier this month.

I'd like to point out that I am narrow-shouldered and short-waisted, and have a pretty decent-sized rack, but I didn't adjust this at all.  Not even a bit!  It's not too long for me and it nips in at the waist.  Thumbs up.

HOWEVER.  As you will see, my zipper is messed up in the back.  I sewed it normally and, once I zipped it up, noticed the waistlines didn't match by a good half-inch.  What the h.  So I took the zipper out and reinserted it, causing the cluster along the back neckline.  I will say that I never wear sleeveless shirts without a cardigan, so I don't think I'll offend anyone with this mishap.

I did have one issue with the invisible zipper.  Bernina invisible zipper feet are known for their magic: you don't have to iron the coils or anything!  Which was great on the left side of the top, but on the right, it just didn't happen.  I went back to get a closer seam but I think I'm still off by a bit.  Hmph.  Anyone have some insight as to why the right side is bringing me down?

Have you made this yet?  Why the hell not?  Finishing this top means I'm officially caught up with my Sewing Project Plan, and can start on February projects a few days early.  I can't be the only person who plans this much--I also have spreadsheets tracking the fabric I've bought, how and when I used it, the projects I've completed, and the fabric I want to buy.  I can organize just about anything.

And on that OCD-ridden note, have a good week, everyone!  Stay warm; winter sucks.


  1. The peplum tops are definitely still in! And it looks so darn gosh cute on you too!!!

  2. i have this pattern but i have yet to try it. i should really dig it out one of these days. yours looks very nice!


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