Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weekend Happenings

The cats are settling into their new home quite nicely!  Even though they're both misbehaving on a daily basis.

Their favorite rooms are my sewing room and Nick's office.  Eleanor prefers the office because there's a bed; Puddin' has made himself a bed in my sewing room closet with an extra blanket.

He also apparently likes the ironing board!

Remember when I mentioned wanting a new machine and how it probably won't happen?


They were on sale!

I bought a new Bernina 550 QE!  It was $1000 off retail, with all sorts of perks thrown in.  I'd like to thank Lauren for inspiring this very large, unexpected purchase.

Finally, I'll have an item in the online Handmade for Newtown auction, held in mid-January.  If you head to Squaring Up tomorrow, you can see more details about my quilt.  I'll have more information about the entire auction soon!

handmade for newtown button

Adios folks!  Happy New Year's Eve tomorrow!

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