Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beaufort and an Announcement

We went to Beaufort over the weekend!  The Savannah Craft Beer Fest occurs every Labor Day weekend, and we missed out last year.  This year, because Mom and Dad are so close, we headed down to let them watch Eleanor while we drank lots and lots of expensive beers.

Here's just a hodge-podge of pictures from my new awesome camera.  Nick bought an Olympus Pen for my birthday, which made me just about die.  I love it!  I need to make a camera bag and strap for it, though, so if you have any good tutorials, let me know!

(Stick around to the end.  It's worth it!)

Shelton church in Yemassee, South Carolina

Senior pic time

At my parents' house:

Downtown Beaufort:

Blue moon on Nick's birthday!

Back at the house, looking at the dock:

Nick is a trooper and held up my mom's Sparkle Punch quilt so I could get pictures:

A mistake!
 The marsh during low tide:

So while we were in Savannah Saturday, Nick asked me to marry him!  We've been talking about it for a long time but it finally happened.  (I say "finally" like it's all I dreamt of.)  We don't plan on having a wedding--elopements are more our flavor--so I hope you aren't too disappointed that this won't become a wedding blog!  Ha ha.  This most I might share is my dress; I'm planning on making it, once I get some ideas.  Please feel free to share yours!

Did you have a good Labor Day weekend too?


  1. yay!!! congratulations to you two!! what wonderful news!! :) i can't wait to hear about your dress plans! : ) i got engaged last october and haven't yet announced it on my blog. i should probably do that soon. :) also- i love your photos. the church ruins look incredible. :) and finally, yay to beer fests!! haha.

    1. Thank you!!! And congratulations to you too--I knew you were engaged but I didn't know when it happened! I think you mention your fiance somewhere on your blog, so that could be an announcement. :) Do you two have a date yet?

      That camera is amazing. And the church was great! If you're ever down south, it's neat to see. I second that yay to beer fests--it was so much fun!! They even had ice cream made with beer, but it's only distributed in Georgia.


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