Sunday, June 3, 2012

Projects for Friends

I don't really have too many girlfriends, nor do I have a close community of friends who sew--it's pretty much me and my mom, though my female relatives pretty much all sew.  Regardless, I'm not someone who has that community supporting me: I don't attending guild meetings or bees, and there isn't a LQS in DC to greet me with open arms.  Nothing in DC greets me with open arms.
Anyway, when I mentioned before that I made friends with the gals at Tabby, I decided I should probably hang onto them for dear life.  Not that I'm desperate or anything.  I stopped in to talk to Rhonda several times while we were in town, and I wish I'd had the chance to spend more time with Lauren and Nancy because we were all on the same wavelength.  We all sew modern projects with contemporary fabrics and we're all extremely knowledgeable about what's out there.  I've only been sewing for fifteen months but I'm no idiot--I've done my research and I know what to expect.  These ladies were no different and, if I lived in Beaufort, I'm pretty confident Nick would have to break up with me because they'd be my new boyfriends.

When I got home, I decided to make them little gifts of appreciation.  Everyone likes gifts, right?  Plus, I'm a firm believer in a thank-you note and a little token of appreciation to seal the deal.  I made them each a Perfect Zip Bag in some Washi, which isn't carried at Tabby (yet...maybe they have plans?).  The whole time I was sewing, I thought, I just hope they like them!  (Meaning: I just hope they want to be my friend!)

I've made Christmas presents and birthday presents for friends and family, but nothing just to say thanks or hello.  This is new territory for me!  It was also hard because these three women are just as knowledgeable about fabric as I am, if not more; I didn't want them to think my choices were dumb or ill-advised.  I wanted them to truly like their gifts!

They should have received the bags today.  I hope all three enjoyed them.  And I hope I still have friends down south!

Do you sew for your friends?  Do all your friends sew?  Does anyone else want to be my friend?  (Desperation, I smell thee.)


  1. I'm sure they're going to love it !

    And I'm totally alone too. The closest quilt store is two hours away so I'm not going there very often and none of my friend sews (not even my mom/grandma/cousin/sister). I'm completely alone too !

    I've never made anything for my friends yet but since we're all getting close to having babies, I'm sure that'll change sooner rather than later :)
    At least, we have the online sewing community :)

    1. Oh my gosh! So how did you get into sewing? And yes, babies tend to need gifts, so that will be happening soon, I'm sure!

      The online sewing community is the best :) Even if we're alone, we still (virtually) have each other!


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