Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hand Embroidery Wish List

Man, I have been so into hand embroidery lately.  I've never taken a class, but I owned Sublime Stitching once upon a time (like...ten years ago?  Eight years ago?  Whatever) and taught myself from there.  My mom even had the tea towels I made her on display when we were in Beaufort last month!  Moms are the best.

But, I gave it up once I started my last two years at Flagler, because I was a full-time student and working full-time.  Busy schedules just don't allow for crafting!  I actually didn't become interested again until last year.  I don't know what sparked it in me--boredom, maybe, or the need to spend more money--but I picked up some floss and a hoop and some patterns and just went to town.  And by "went to town," I mean, "started an apron and never finished."  Oh well.  Maybe I'll finish it in time for this fall?  Probably not.

ANYWAY.  While I was in Beaufort, the embroidery bug bit again and I picked up a hoop, patterns, needles and floss from Tabby.  I embroidered a project bag for myself (which I need to sew...) and a Christmas gift for my mom.  But now I want to do more!  I want all of the patterns!  And it doesn't help that my mom is embroidering again, so we can talk all the livelong day about patterns.  I've also signed up for the Wild Olive Re-sized Online Embroidery class, which starts next month.  Very exciting!

Here are a few things I've seen that I want.  And I want them badly.  Can I make a craft registry?  I'm not engaged, but I still want things.  That's kosher, right?


Are these seriously not the cutest things you've ever seen?  I first caught wind of these Wee Wonderfuls gnomes at Fabrika.  As a Christmas-obsessed woman, these are right up my alley.  I would put them on towels, aprons, whatever stood still long enough and could hold up to an iron.


I'm also loving these Sexy Librarians by Sublime Stitching.  What would I do with them?  Who knows, but I think they're wonderful.  A redhead reading a book?  That's my life.


I'm really into constellations, though admittedly I can barely find the North Star.  This kit is great because you get everything pictured--no need to make sure you have floss or even a needle handy.  And the pattern is printed directly onto the fabric, so you're good to go.  I hate transferring PDF patterns; this is ideal.


Is there glitter in that floss?!  Why, yes, yes there is.  And of course I want it.

Mmm!  Pearl cotton, you are lovely.

What are you obsessing over lately?  Chances are it's on my list too.  So I have a lot of obsessions--that makes me interesting, right?  (Don't tell me the truth, I don't want to hear it.)


  1. The little boys on the first picture are sooo cute ! I totally get why you want them so badly :)

    I'm obsessed with fabric. Nothing original here. But I just keep seing things I want (need)!

    1. Oh girl, me too! Like my stash isn't already overflowing!

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