Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pattern Testing the Date Night Dress

So it's been a few weeks!  I had all these plans for garments and I have a stack of apparel fabric on my ironing board, but when I tried to find simple, basic white lining for these dresses, I found nothing.  Joann didn't carry any; was out of all my preferred substrates.  I decided to give it up for the time being and get back to quilts.  If you follow me on Squaring Up, you'll see I've been quilting like crazy.  Ah well, making lemonade out of lemons.

April Rhodes put a call out for pattern testers on Instagram last week.  Her new pattern, the Date Night dress, was releasing soon but it needed some eyes to review!  I don't really know what a "date night" is anymore, as I don't think we've had one since our fifth date three years ago, but the pattern is adorable and April is so sweet--I couldn't resist throwing my name into the hat.  Amazingly, she picked me!  I spent last week sewing the dress and slip.

I meant to share the pictures earlier this week, but my parents came to town Wednesday and just left this morning--blogging wasn't really a priority.  Enough excuses, on with the pictures!

The Date Night dress is a loose-fitting dress with really fun details.  I used a gray-and-white polka-dot cotton lawn from Denver Fabrics to keep this casual and light.  However, as I was sewing it, I decided it would be adorable in chambray with red Saltwater sandals for summer.  Cute, right?  I'm glad I don't have any chambray in my closet because then I'd have to buy Saltwaters.

Box pleat!

I belted the dress and wore it with heels--I guess that's how I'd do it if we had date nights in this house!--and Nick decided he loved it and it looked amazing.  I mean, make your own judgments, but it's hard to impress him.  This dress is definitely beginner: the sleeves are big and fun and not set-in; there are no closures; and April's instructions are spot-on.  It would make me so happy if beginning sewists used patterns like April's instead of going to Joann and buying Simplicity and then giving up because the instructions are terrible.

What makes this "date night"-worthy is the sleeves are big and fun, and the armhole is long, so when you life your arms, you can flash some side-bra!  I'm typically very modest, but I like that I'll keep my arms down 95% of the night and this will be totally public-friendly, but I have a chance to show off a bit if I want.  (Sorry for anyone who didn't want to see my bra today.)

The pattern also comes with a slip!  I used some Anna Maria Horner Good Folks voile for this, which is why it isn't modeled--it's pretty sheer!  No one wants to see that on me!  I plan on wearing this as loungewear or sleepwear, but it would be adorable in the Anna Maria Horner Field Study rayon or something soft and floral, coordinating with the Date Night dress.  If I had thought ahead, I would've planned that out!

The Date Night dress and slip will be available soon through April's website, though I'm sure you'll see Instagram and the blog world blow up when it does!  I also hope to have more to share soon.  Maybe.  It's been a busy summer!

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