Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Shirtdress for the Early Spring Blues

If you're in America, or even in Europe from what I hear, you're wondering where spring has been lately.  It's cold and snowy or rainy just about everywhere, and end-of-March is resembling beginning-of-February.  And it sucks.

We've had a few nice weekends here in Charlotte--breezy and highs near 80s--and we've spent them outside.  Because that's what you do when it's nice.  Unfortunately, we got used to it, and this past week, with its rain and frost, even, made me sad and nostalgic for summer.  I'm learning that I'm not the cold-weather girl I used to be.  Besides, I look way better in shorts than I do in parkas.  (Who doesn't?)

I know this shit weather won't last forever, so I've started my spring sewing.  A bit late, maybe, because these next could of dresses were on my project plan for February, but whatever, at least they're getting done.

The first dress I have to show--the second won't be for a couple days--is McCall 6696, a new spring pattern.

Things were moody and wintery this morning, so displaying the dress in the window seemed like a good enough shot to me.  

The fabric is embroidered cotton from Denver Fabrics.  I love their free shipping sales and picked it up earlier this year for $5 a yard.  It was really easy to work with, the feel of cotton lawn, and it'll be great for summer, I think.

I liked some things about this pattern, but I will say, I remember why I don't use McCall patterns.  After being spoiled with Colette, Sewaholic, and even Simplicity, it's hard to go back to a McCall pattern.  There are very few directions concerning things like plackets, and they also had you hem the dress before adding in the front band.  Very strange!  So I did things my way, knowing my way around a placket by now, and it all turned out fine.

Oh right--things I liked.  Well, it's a shirtdress, which is something I love.  It has pockets, too!  The pattern is sized by cup, which is something I think all patterns everywhere should have.  It also has pieces for a straight skirt, cap sleeves, long sleeves, and a separate slip.  I have plans for the long sleeve-straight skirt combo later.

Man, I love this fabric.  Anything resembling dotted swiss has a permanent home in my closet.

According to Accuweather, our temperatures should start climbing to the 60s and 70s next week, which means I can wear this and my chambray dress finally.  Right now they're hanging in my sewing room closet, waiting for someone to love them.  I'll be there soon, my babies.

I said I was working on another dress: Colette's Chantilly dress.  I've really skipped around and need to sew down the yoke facing, finish the underarms (that's another story), attach the lining to the zipper, and sew up the hem.  If someone wants to give me some motivation, that'd be great!

I also have to add this, just because.

Stay warm, friends!


  1. This is the second time I've seen this dress mentioned, but I think you've convinced me to make it. It's so pretty! I especially love your fabric choice.


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